Eve's Christmas


Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright63%
IMDb Rating5.8101119


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Cheryl Ladd Photo
Cheryl Ladd as Diane Simon
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Erin Karpluk as Mandy
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Jared Keeso as Bartender
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Elisa Donovan as Eve Simon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lavatch5 / 10

The Road Not Taken

Despite the clever title, "Eve's Christmas" turned into a piece of fluff. The film struggles to make the case that "you can always wish upon the Christmas star" to redo your life through time-travel, fixing your biggest mistake in order to find true happiness.

At the start of the film, Eve is a successful Madison Avenue ad executive, but she has hit rock bottom in her personal life. Her affair with her married boss has not materialized for the Christmas holidays, and so, Eve gets filthy drunk. In her stupor, she encounters a kind vagrant who guides her to her magic star where she can make a wish that will give her a second chance in life and marry her true love Scott, the owner of a floundering book store about to go bankrupt in Eastborough, Oregon.

A rugged mountain climber in her youth, Eve now seeks to scale the heights of traveling back in time to revisit the past like Scrooge. At the local bar called Winky's, Eve will re-connect with Scott where they will reminisce about the fateful moment when he spilled pudding on Eve when he was jostled during a bus ride. They were about to be married until Eve wrote Scott a "Dear John" letter as they were approaching the altar. Now, Eve will try to make the most of her second chance.

There was a lot of padding in this film to round out the story through a silly subplot about the eccentric fashion designer Dominique. It appears as though Eve rejects all of Dominique's ideas for a wedding gown, opting for something simple. Eve will then be brought to the altar on a romantic rowboat!

The best character in the film was Mr. Destiny, the sly vagrant whose limited number of appearances served as the catalyst for Eve to change her life. There should have been more of Mr. Destiny and less of Eve back-reading her knowledge of the internet to boost sales of the Eastborough book store and her mom's antique business. And it was never made clear whether or not Scott and Eve made many big, big babies.

Reviewed by jml19887 / 10

Super cute movie and unique concept

This was a fun flashback! I couldn't help thinking if I went back in time, the first thing I would do is INVEST in companies that hadn't made it big yet! It still summed all up very nicely, though it kind of stunk that the memories didn't travel through time as well. He should have remembered the "strange story" on the wedding day and realized what was happening.

Reviewed by linda-plant27 / 10


Elisa Donovan as Eve should have taken acting lessons from Cheryl Ladd ! Her portrayal as a drunk was amateurish, and she over acted in the rest of her scenes.

I see she hasn't been in a movie for over 3 years, I wonder why ?

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