My Christmas Love


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Reviewed by studioAT2 / 10

My Christmas Love

Nice to see Hallmark trying something a little different, but this film doesn't work for me as it's let down by a very annoying female lead.

I'm sure she's lovely in real life, but her character here didn't work for me.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird4 / 10

Gift of love

Although the concept was far from original, it sounded very cute. As did the title. Not all Hallmark festive films are bad either, was actually pleasantly surprised by a fair number of them while being mixed on many and caring at all for others. So Hallmark's Christmas output is very variable but seeing them over-time has been interesting. Just because my rating is low and my review not very positive doesn't mean there is any pre-conceived bias, bias has never been intended for anything with me.

'My Christmas Love' just didn't do much for me. Can definitely see why it is very divided here, can see the appeal but actually understand quite a bit more the negative/indifferent opinions. The potential was there but not enough is done with it, that does sound like a very cliched thing to say when critiquing a film but it is not an invalid thing to say in my mind. To me, 'My Christmas Love' is not terrible. It's just not particularly good either, there are a few good things but there is too much bad.

Lets start with the good. Did like how 'My Christmas Love' looked, it is very nicely shot and the editing is succinct enough but it is the locations that stand out. The atmosphere of the festive season being beautifully conveyed. On the most part the acting is pretty good, with Gregory Harrison giving the best performance, and there is spark in the chemistry in the supporting actors.

Some of the soundtrack is nice and has a nostalgic feel to it. Also really liked the major twist, that was surprising and executed believably. Also cared in finding out the identity of the one responsible.

Too much is flawed however. Do agree with others that the unlikeability of the lead character really wrecks 'My Christmas Love'. Her negative character traits came over as too exaggerated which made her very annoying (sometimes insufferably so) and the performance itself from Meredith Hagner was over-eager. Meg Park sometimes look miserable and her character leaves one depressed. In general the characters, despite the game efforts from the actors, are not developed beyond over-familiar Hallmark cliches and are not particularly interesting. The romance also felt under-developed and like it didn't connect enough chemistry-wise.

While liking the cute idea, not enough is done with it and other than the major revelation the story is little more than pure Hallmark formula, all the story cliches present in their other festive efforts are present and with nothing new done to them. Also felt that it was far too thin, with not enough content to sustain the length, and the film drags as a result. The dialogue is too cheesy and mawkish and some of it sounds awkward. Didn't find myself emotionally invested enough in the story, the heart and charm only appearing in spades. As can be the case with Hallmark, 'My Christmas Love' came over as over-scored too. Lastly the ending felt rushed and too convenient, and the changes of heart are also too out of the blue (considering what the characters in question are like beforehand) and would have strongly benefitted from being introduced earlier.

In conclusion, lacklustre but with moments. 4/10

Reviewed by phd_travel3 / 10

Cute gifts but he romance isn't convincing

It's quite fun to see the different Christmas gifts from the famous song brought to life partridge in a pear tree etc. The cast is fairly likable and attractive and avoids too much perkiness that Hallmark movies sometimes have.

Unfortunately the romance which you know will work out in the end doesn't really work out convincingly. Why he should like her after she had so many relationships. It doesn't quite establish a connection or reason for the love between the two main protagonists. Except he looks a little love sick and it didn't work out with the others.

I wouldn't bother with this one.

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