Money Shot: The Pornhub Story



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by batmanfannnnn6 / 10

A Solid Movie

The best way that I can describe the website that this film is talking about is that the it;s the Adult version of Youtube. With this film dealing with such a mature website it's hard to believe that this film is up on Netflix and not only that is made with a quite clear love and respect for the work that these performers do.

This is something that we need to see more of and this film does it in such a great by giving us both sides of a story that deals with dark and disturbing subject matter all the while not really presenting either side as right or wrong apart from some really obvious stories.

Reviewed by prestonm19939 / 10

A Well-Rounded Documentary

This film shows the good and the bad of websites such as p0rn hub. The freedom it allowed of adult performers to break into the industry, and the unfortunate freedom of unverified users victimizing innocent people who did not want to be a part of it.

You learn of the understaffed moderation department and the unrealistic quota they are required to make. Both sides of the legal arguments on what Mind Geek (P0rn Hub's parent company) has been up to and the anti p0rnography movement TraffickingHub.

This documentary makes it a point to get BOTH sides of this debate, and perspectives of the people who suffer from the poor public image this web site and others like it.

Most importantly it includes the perspectives of both male and female adult performers, who are all caught in the middle of and suffer because of this debate.

Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

Eggs sell

No pun intended - and obviously I am not talking about eggs, but something else (no literal or figurative speaking eggs - though some might argue that ... but let's leave this aside). The reason I chose that word was it is close to the actual word, but is not offensive - of course if you are offended by the word that some call "love making" ... you may be on the wrong imdb site and at the wrong movie for you ... well in this case not for you.

Now, since I watched this before anyone was able to write anything about it, I was not aware what this would be about. And I thought it would just be about that ... well site that has a large collection of videos and how it came about - come on, get your mind out the gutter. Although leave it there - not that the documentary is about to entice you and get you ... places you may imagine. For that visit the site or similar sites.

Now I was wrong with what I was thinking - yes the documentary does tell us how the site started out and what it became. But it does have a deep ... deep focus on the latest controversy. The one that made the site delete a lot of videos. That still does not go far enough for some. They really are quite hard on ... well the site and everyone responsible for the content.

Now we do get both sides - and the question of morality and which side you are on will probably inform how you will view certain things that are being said. It is quite difficult to draw a line - to tell who is right and who is wrong. This is not a a chicken or egg thing - which lets me circle back to my summary line - none the wiser. Though maybe a bit hot and bothered ... and with this pun, I'll come ... to the end.

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