Weekend at Bernie's II


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten10%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled41%
IMDb Rating4.81013742

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Andrew McCarthy Photo
Andrew McCarthy as Larry Wilson
Barry Bostwick Photo
Barry Bostwick as Arthur Hummel
Gary Dourdan Photo
Gary Dourdan as Cartel Man #2
Jonathan Silverman Photo
Jonathan Silverman as Richard Parker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aaron13753 / 10

Seriously did the first movie need a sequel at all?

Andrew McCarthy and Silverman are back and in desperate need of a paycheck which is the only reason they could have ever wanted to appear in a sequel that was not needed or should have been made. The first film ended, the man was dead, the story was over, but they somehow create a very flimsy premise to bring everyone's favorite corpse back from the dead yet again. Yes, he is sort of brought back from the dead in this one as he walks yet again anytime he hears music, basically a zombie that does not crave human flesh, but music. The two dudes from the last movie are back too, and this time they may as well be criminals as they basically want to steal Bernie's corpse to try and access some stuff as Bernie may have some money hidden somewhere. They may as well be bad guys with their motives in this one. There are two guys who use voodoo to reawaken Bernie and a voodoo lady who puts a curse on them. Yes, it is as bad as all that. Still, there are a couple of laughs to be found here and there, just not enough to make this a good or okay or tolerable movie to watch. Like I said before, some movies should not have sequels to them and this is most certainly one of them. The first one was rather enjoyable to me, but even then they seemed to be stretching the premise thin, here it just breaks apart as the whole zombie thing is simply ludicrous.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle2 / 10

How low can you go?

It's right after the first movie, and Bernie (Terry Kiser) is now in the morgue. Larry (Andrew McCarthy) and Richard (Jonathan Silverman) is suspected of colluding with Bernie by the company's investigator Arthur Hummel (Barry Bostwick),and are fired. Meanwhile a couple of bad guys try to use Voodoo to get the $2million. They reanimate Bernie but only when rhythmic music is playing. Then they lose Bernie on the subway, and he's returned back to the morgue. At the same time, Larry and Richard discover where Bernie hid the money. Only Bernie needs to get it from the bank in person. That when they decide to get Bernie from the morgue....

The first one was a one joke comedy, and it was only passably funny. This one is even less than that. The only funny thing is the sight of Terry Kiser bopping around at the sound of the music. That last about 2 seconds. Then it gets stupider and stupider. This was never a smart franchise. I'm not talking about the characters, but rather the comedy. It's a one joke concept without much to back it up. But the stupidity in this movie really piles up. For example, it seems much more simpler to just try to pretend to be Bernie instead of dragging his dead body to the bank. It never quite improves.

Reviewed by gavin69425 / 10

Shake Your Groove Thing, Bernie

If you saw the first film (and why would you watch the second if not the first),you know this movie is about two guys who have a dead friend named Bernie, who they like to cart around in order to attract women. Now they are also joined by two men from the Virgin Islands who turn Bernie into a zombie.

The people I was watching this film with generally thought it was awful. I thought it was mildly entertaining. Of course, I was drunk and distracted by those around me (including some attractive young ladies). But unlike the guys in the movie, I couldn't impress my guests with a dead corpse.

Why did I like this movie? Well, every time the Virgin Islands men played music, the corpse of Bernie would do a little dance and walk around. I found this very interesting: a zombie Bernie! I don't know if it was voodoo or Santeria (guess I missed that part),but it was pretty much the only angle you could go with a sequel, unless you wanted a rotten, smelly decomposed thing being dragged around. And I liked it! They made the witchmen lovable and humorous! I could write a better review if I hadn't been drinking or being distracted by young ladies, but the general impression I got was that this film was fun and I really liked it. I would gladly watch it again or even watch a Bernie double feature.

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