2019 [KOREAN]

Action / Crime / Drama

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Ji-tae Yu Photo
Ji-tae Yu as The Ticket
Jeong-min Hwang Photo
Jeong-min Hwang as Buyer
Woo-jin Jo Photo
Woo-jin Jo as Han Ji-Cheol
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by danibritannia7 / 10

It was a pleasant suprise!!!

For those who like korean cinema, its a good movie !!!

Reviewed by grandmastersik1 / 10

A poor man's Wall Street

Greed is Good. Boring rip-offs which I turn off just before the hour mark, most definitely are not.

Some dumb-looking mook with a girly-built body and spiffy Hugh Grant fringe (i.e. the typical Korean heart throb),is a nobody who dreams of becoming a somebody. He achieves this by insider trading, makes a ton of cash, goes on holiday to the Carribbean, returns to Korea to hook up with the office skank (who he knows has been bent over by every investor in town)... and we're supposed to even remotely give a damn?

There is the financial investigator sniffing at him, but there's absolutely zero drama, nothing seemed to happen and I wasnt about to give the film the extra hour (it being a 2 hour long film),to see if it would get 10 million times better or remain as tedious as it was until its guessable conclusion.

My advice? Watch something else.

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