Mais Forte que o Mundo: A História de José Aldo


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Reviewed by miguelneto-749368 / 10

Afonso Poyart proves to be a talented and intelligent director.

Stronger than the World: The Story of Jose Aldo is a film that surprising me, Brazilian cinema lately this weak, we have at most three good films a year, and it left me with no expectations for the film that tells the story of one of the major UFC fighters Jose Aldo, the cast is good, José Loreto this well, Cleo Pires, Jackson Antunes, Claudia Ohana, Milhem Cortaz, Rafinha Bastos, Robson Nunes, etc., no actor commits the film, everyone is competent in their role, the direction is Afonso Poyart that made 2 Rabbits is very good, the soundtrack is good, the style that Poyart film is interesting, even the film with moments that I found unnecessary, for example the follies of Aldo, I I thought exaggerated, more Stronger than the World: the Story of Jose Aldo is very good, with great moments and proof that the Poyart has very what grow in the cinema. Note 8.0

Reviewed by kosmasp7 / 10

First rule of ...

Some movies keep their big reveals for the end of the movie. You do have a main character with psychological issues here and they are not hiding it. Fighting demons (not literally, although sometimes it may seem so on screen) is one thing, translating that drama onto screen another. It really is tough, especially when you consider the struggle the main character has to go through.

And the fact the viewer has to stay with him. It's not easy to like him all the time, but you understand where he is coming from. The neighborhood, the friends, the family, all that background gets covered. The movie does a really good job and the fight scenes are gritty and tough enough. It really is a movie that has quality and cares about its very broken protagonist ... do you care too?

Reviewed by thor20298 / 10

Where the story of a great champion MMA and UFC - José Aldo

My opinion-.

Mais Forte Que o Mundo: A História de José Aldo is a Brazilian drama film by Afonso Poyart, a biographical work on the life of the MMA combatant "Mixed martial arts where mixed martial arts (MMA) Free fight or free-fight),is a complete combat sport, combining pugilat and hand-to-hand combat ". And it is the biographical history of José Aldo, from his debut and the arrival at the top of his glory in UFC "Ultimate Fighting Championship which is an American mixed martial arts organization, currently recognized as the world's largest And this is the long-standing history of the UFC lightweight champion and the struggles facing him on the road to the top.This film is relatively well done and fans of combat sports will surely appreciate Very beautiful scenes of combat will be present in the film, and also will be well demonstrated the very difficult life that met José Aldo of his youth to the summit, namely that it remained ten years unbeaten in its Category as a UFC world featherweight champion, I found the film well done and especially well played José Loreto, who pays a tribute to José Aldo by interpreting his role well: a film to be seen by those who love sports of fight.

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