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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca2 / 10

Waste of time

I'm constantly surprised that stupid films like this one keep getting made when there's so much better stuff out there that could be adapted for the screen. KILL YOUR FRIENDS is nothing more than an American Psycho rip-off, set in Britain during the booming music scene in the late 1990s. Nicholas Hoult plays a young and ambitious producer who discovers that the best way to get ahead in the business is to murder his rivals.

This was based on a novel I have no interest in reading because this really is terrible entertainment. It's about the most low brow film I can think of, with a script filled with expletives and no wit. Hoult plays a horrible character in a film filled with horrible characters and there really is no reason to watch. It's widely advertised as a gory serial killer type movie when in fact it's very slow paced and murder barely plays a part in the proceedings.

KILL YOUR FRIENDS is a film about unpleasant people made for unpleasant people. I suppose it might have been made as a black comedy but I can truthfully say I didn't laugh once. Hoult has no presence as a leading man; he got away with it in JACK THE GIANT SLAYER because he had plenty of acting heavyweights in support, but here he's completely out of his depth. The less said about James Corden's non-acting style the better. This is one of the few films that I wish I'd never bothered watching.

Reviewed by Prismark105 / 10

Top of the pops

Based on a novel by John Niven who worked in the British music industry. Kill Your Friends is a nihilistic look at the dog eat dog record industry.

Set in the Britpop era of the late 1990s. Steven Stelfox (Nicholas Hoult) is an A&R man who wants the top job at his record label. When his drugged up fellow worker Roger Waters (James Corden) gets the promotion to be the head of A&R. The amoral Stelfox kills him and his dog.

However there is more to come. There is a policeman who wants to be songwriter on his tail, a secretary who suspects Stelfox has more to hide about Water's death and his record label bringing in a new head.

Stelfox has to be at his malevolent best to get on top of the greasy pole.

The film told me nothing new about the cynically corporate music business where the almighty dollar is the bottom line.

The film itself is modelled on American Psycho. However I found myself getting bored with Hoult's increasingly repetitive narration in a film that did not have anything new to say.

Reviewed by Oli_palmer235 / 10

"The issues for KILL YOUR FRIENDS stem from a very unfocused script that never seems to have a chief goal to aim for"

"Get fucked, you wouldn't last 10 minutes" quips Steven Stelfox (Hoult) right into the camera early on in KILL YOUR FRIENDS, the adaptation of John Niven's 2008 novel. He's aiming this put-down at the viewer as an exclamation of his superiority over us. He wants us to be envious, jealous, maybe even hate him. He's an A&R man in the music business, and he wants us to know that his life is awesome, and ours is not when compared to his. This set-up is then followed by roughly 90 minutes of the sort of drug-taking, jet-flying and partying exploits that could be expected, with the odd merciless killing thrown in for good measure. By the end though, it's difficult to feel envious of him, because when it comes down to it, his life (and by implication; this film) is really not that great.

Set in the year 1997, Stelfox is consistently hunting for the next big thing in music. In doing so, his excessive lifestyle can be permitted to continue. He will stop at nothing to be successful in this business and he's not afraid to step on toes to get there. When even that won't work, there are always... other options.

Nicholas Hoult, at first glance appears too young to play this role. The baby-faced actor is a little difficult to take seriously as a top A&R man when the majority of his colleagues appear at least 10 or 15 years older than him. Hoult however, carries himself nicely in the lead role, doing all that can be reasonably required of him. Unfortunately the issues for KILL YOUR FRIENDS stem from a very unfocused script that never seems to have a chief goal to aim for. The story attempts to make up for this by throwing in some genuinely shocking scenes of violence that will long be the images engrained in people's mind when they think back to this film.

The consistent fourth-wall breaking nature of Stelfox's character, coupled with the ever-present voiceover means we always know exactly what's going on in Stelfox's head. But this doesn't necessarily ensure we always know why he's doing the things he's doing. His eventual foray into murderous tendencies is not handled with any clear focus and subsequently just feels out of character, even for someone with his levels of excess.

John Niven's adapted screenplay is keen to hammer in the point that the music business is full of people, tasked with pulling the strings of artists who all have egos that outweigh their talent by a considerable margin. Niven himself worked in the music business for ten years, so its more than likely his characters are loosely based on real people that he has came across during this time. This adds a certain authenticity to the proceedings here, and it's not exactly too difficult to imagine some of the people were genuinely like this, especially in the 'experimental' 90's music era.

For all the good intentions involved here, KILL YOUR FRIENDS comes across as a distant British second cousin to both THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and AMERICAN PSYCHO, paying homage to both but never really finding its own identity.

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