An Action Hero

2022 [HINDI]

Action / Comedy / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh92%
IMDb Rating7.51020236

action comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MehdiRizvi-786710 / 10

Ayushman Best Action Movie I Have Ever Seen

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

And I think this will be the first movie of Ayushman Khurana without any social message but frankly I just love the movie- it was totally roller coster ride, full on thriller and mix of perfect humor.

No unnecessary love angle, No Drama and No Boring unwanted songs......It's perfect action movie of intelligently presented Action Hero..!!

Ayushman's a acting was awsome as always and combination of Ayushman Khurana and Jaideep Ahlawat was made it more entertaining and interesting.

Must watch, you will not regreat your decision for sure.

Don't know how much my review matters but I will 10 out 10.

Good luck for the success of this movie.

Reviewed by critiquerimdb7 / 10

Redefines the slick actioner genre in Bollywood

Over the years, we have watched actioners in Bollywood consistently leaving much to be desired so much so that we concluded that this genre just comes with its limitations. An Action Hero breaks that myth. Billed as a slick-actioner, this film doesn't reduce itself to worshipping of shirtless male bodies, genre-contradicting slow-motion effects, non-sensically infused item numbers, melodrama, unfunny jokes or lazy writing clubbed with flying cars and blasting CGI. Right from the start, the director Anirudh Iyer takes the genre seriously and moves at a hyper pace almost giving the audience no time to absorb it. There are punches flying as fast as the punchlines and most, if not all, of them land with perfection. Even when An Action Hero concedes to the Bollywood remix dance number formula, it doesn't let go of its strong grasp with reality and its conviction for the story.

It's applaudable how An Action Hero manages to tread the fine line between being condescending towards its own audience and being satirical towards the public at large with absolute finesse. The film is filled with references to real incidents but they aren't done in a self-eulogising manner - of which Bollywood is a repeat offender - rather it is a self-aware attempt at storytelling often critiquing itself along the way. Its critique through hilarious parodying of the ridiculous TRP-hungry media, fickle public perception and the corrupt establishment works as smoothly as Ayushmann Khurrana in parkour scenes.

This is the most different role in Ayushmann's career and yet he slips into it with such ease that you'd forget that he's the same man commonly known as the torchbearer of social change in Bollywood. He delivers the charm of a star, the narcissism of a rich and famous man, the slick actions of a fighter and moral greyness of the protagonist with neatness. His screen presence is remarkable but his winning scene is definitely the one in the boat. Jaideep Ahlawat is a gem who doesn't slip up even once. His thuggish demeanor doesn't cease even in more toned down scenes.

The only complaint is that when the film pivots in the second half, it forgets to take the audience along with it. The jokes remain funny and the action, bordering on the jumpscare, continues to be slick but the narration becomes less engaging. The film then rides on the very able shoulders of its lead actors until the climax when it all comes together in one swift flick.

The film is entirely devoid of melodrama and filled with grey characters that the sanctimonious section of the masses would find hard to side and connect with. The film, thus, is a courageous attempt in a plethora of ways and calls for a necessary viewing. Go for it!

Reviewed by PANDIAN1206217 / 10

Unpredictable fun package to chill out...!!!

Anirudh Iyer takes a scenic route with simple satirical comedy and sensible action sequences along with well balanced screenplay keeping audience glued until climax... An interesting part is that he doesn't fear to expose media's puppetry show or Bollywood's underworld connection or dominant local political goons ,what else one need in mainstream movies .... When it comes to Zara hatke entertainment Anand L Rai plays an ample role be it direction or production,needs a Big round of applause... Breaking all the stereotypes of bollywood theory Ayushman doesn't fear to explore inspite "Anek" disaster this "Doctor G" manages to surprise audience in every aspects of film that falls flat to nepotism...Kudos to the true actor... Scripted by neeraj yadav the sudden twists and turns along with chaotic journey gives a new journey for ur weekend thirst for entertainment...

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