Jungle Holocaust

1977 [ITALIAN]

Action / Adventure / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bezenby6 / 10

Filmed in Coatbridge, Scotland

I guess when you've run out of Westerns, Gialli and Eurocrime films to make you've got to start looking elsewhere for inspiration. Last Cannibal World isn't the first even Italian cannibal film (that being Deep River Savages) and it's not Ruggero Deodato's first jungle film either - that's Gungala, a film with a far less sinister atmosphere than this vileness. What this film did was kick off another genre exploiting free-for-all of cannibal movie clones which isn't what you'd call the best period of Italian cinema.

Some guy actor called Massimo Foschi, who will be spending the majority of this film naked, plays an oil prospector called Robert Foster. Robert in a private plane with jungle expert Ivan Rassimov and two people who will shortly become cannibal fodder because they are not white. Robert's concerned that they can't get in radio contact with the makeshift airfield an advance party of engineers has set up, and things get worse when they tried land and a wheel is knocked off the plane by the long disused radio. That's no good.

The pilot reckons he can get the plane up and running in short order, but then Robert ruins everything by running into the jungle looking for his missing engineers and gets lost. Eventually Ivan Rassimov finds him and they head back to the plane, finding the murdered corpses of the engineers on the way back. Now Robert is in a hurry to leave the place, but the pilot tells him it's too late and they'll have to fly out first thing in the morning. We the audience are then clued in that someone is out there in the dark (via a nice jump scare),but when the female companion of Robert has to go outside to pee, she's captured by the natives waiting outside and things go tits up right away.

Robert shows that he's probably inherited his oil company because he seems to operate without any foresight or intuition. The pilot gets a spike ball to the guts, Robert loses Ivan on some river rapids after they get lost again, then Robert thinks it's a good idea to eat some strange mushrooms before tripping out, getting caught by natives, getting stripped to the nuts and getting his tummy banana tugged on by some backwards cannibals.

They also think he's a bird and dangle him off the ceiling of the cave their in before trying to eat his watch and throwing him in a cave with some birds while periodically throwing slops at him or peeing on him. Robert also gets to meet Me Me Lai, who mistakes the universal hand signal for 'I need food' for 'give me a handy'. Me Me stands out a mile not only because she's the only cannibal with all her teeth, she also seems to have a very good plastic surgeon judging by those fake boobs!

We spend rather a long time watching the natives being primitive and eating snakes/crocodiles, stock footage of animals eating other animals, and the natives being savage by having a rival native's arm eaten by ants before eventually escapes with Me Me and the romance/lengthy chase sequence begins! Turns out the most romantic thing you can do with a native is punch her directly in the face.

If you remove the animal cruelty from this one (and luckily my copy is missing the croc eating scene, but keeps the gore intact),you have a decent jungle adventure which thinks it's being clever in showing one civilised man's descent into savagery as the only way he can survive his ordeal in the jungle, although it's all just an excuse for gore and violence. The animal stuff is kept to a minimum thankfully, but that would be remedied in Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust, a truly nauseating exercise without any redeeming features.

The goriest part of this film is reserved for Me Me, who is rewarded for leaving the tribe by being served up with a bat confit, grub ganache, native drool foam, bamboo tuille and a crocodile jus. This won the tribe Masterchef: Cannibals in 1977.

Reviewed by ma-cortes5 / 10

A cruel , barbaric flick packing inexplicable disturbing occurrences , shocks, thrills , chills and horrible gore

A supposedly authentic flick based on facts containing chilling images , suspense , nudism , hair-rising events and extremely gory final . Loathing , grim and unsettling Ruggero Deodato picture with plenty of blood , gore and guts . This scary movie deals with a plane crashes in the jungle. Two of the survivors are Rolf (Ivan Rassimov) and an oil prospector , Robert Harper (Massimo Foschi) , venturing into the vast and unexplored areas of the virgin rainforest , only to disappear without a trace , and the latter stumbles across starving natives , being caught up by a violent and primitive cannibal tribe in the Philippines' rain forest . Eventually, he gest away alongside a female cannibal (Me Me Lai) and tries to find his plane, while at the same time attempts to locate his missing companion so they can go home. Can this modern man survive in a Stone Age world? . A Gore-Rama for those with a thirst for blood!. Secretly filmed - Absolutely authentic scenes of cannibalism as practiced today! .A stone-age world of horrors ... Only one survived. Ripout! Barbeque! Devour! How long can you take it? .They eat and they are eaten! You won't believe that what you're seeing could have happened! The one that goes all the way! Don't turn away! Look at it! These are men, men like you! The men you will see eaten alive, are the same who filmed these incredible sequences .Better to rest in peace in the warm body of a friend than in the cold ground . Can a movie go too far? . The film they did not want you to see! This is not an imitation, this is the original, the one that goes all the way . The film that can't be shown on television . Welcome to the jungle. Those who filmed it were devoured alive by cannibals! Savage! , Terrifying! True! Eaten Alive!

This Ultimo Mondo Cannibale (1977) or The last Survivor turns out to be a really gory film with full of cruel indigenous cannibalistic tribes , resulting in one the most savage and brutal tales in modern history along with ¨Holocaust Cannibal¨ by Deodato himself , the latter deemed to be the most controversial movie of all-time . In this Carnivorous (United States title) or Jungle Holocaust (1977) whe find an unfortunate lost man who's humiliated, stripped naked, and thrown in a hole with a bird for a while , but he manages to run away with a female hostage ; it is filled with some genuine fright , horror and doom . A sinister and disturbing flick that goes on growing more and more and developing little by little until the unexpected finale . An original film that went on a sub-genre about a familiar theme in the Seventies , the cannibalism , a script full of shocks , screams and surprises . The mother of all cannibal films is an average semi-documentary flick by adding several animal scenes , including much excitement , filled with sleaziness and non-sense of style in which a naked man gets lost and while trying to find a way out of the jungle in order to return home , he gets captured by cannibals . The most controversial movie ever made is really a brutal flick with full of graphic killings , body dismemberment, sexual violence including rape , disfigured people, grisly murders by means of slashing , ripping to death , killings in cold blood executed by ominous cannibals, loathsome and lots of blood and gore . A mysoginist movie with plenty of nudism , sadistic frames , explicit scenes of violence and extremely violent style , no for squeamish . The Ultimate Terror/Cannibal Movie displays passable special effects , with special mention for the really disturbing scenes of chopping, beheading , stomach ripped out , actual animal slaughters and other cannibalistic frames .

It displays a creepy and eerie musical score by Ubaldo Continiello . Along with an atmospheric cinematography shot on location in Mindanao, Philippines ,Rainforest, Malaysia . This was one of the most grueling films ever made , being original but middilngly directed tby Ruggero Deodato which remains his most successful horror film aling with the infamous Cannibal Holocaust . It's first part of Ruggero Deodato's "Cannibal Trilogy" also including Cannibal Holocaust (1980) and Cut and Run (1984). This artisan is a prolific cameraman/writer/producer/director who made all kinds of genres He is a notorious Italian director especially known for this one , today considered a classic "Cannibal Holocaust". He has directed all kinds of genres with particular penchant for terror, violence, and adventure movies, such as ¨Jungle holocaust¨, ¨House on the edge of the park¨, ¨Bodycount¨, ¨Dial help¨, ¨Phantom of death¨, ¨The washing machine¨, ¨The raiders of Atlantis¨, ¨Concorde affair¨, ¨Live like a cop die like a man¨, ¨Lone runner¨, ¨The barbarians¨, among others . Rating 5/10. Mediocre but entertaining.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison8 / 10

Classic cannibal action from Ruggero Deodato.

Many years ago, when I was too young to see such things for myself, my dad described to me a scene from a cannibal movie that he had watched at the local flea pit: a man finds a scrap of cloth in the jungle; when he picks it up, a trap is triggered which leaves him impaled on a huge spiky ball. Years later, when I myself developed an interest in all things gory, I recalled his description of this moment, but realised that he had never told me the title of the film.

Now, after trawling through virtually every film in the genre, I have finally discovered the identity of this elusive flick: it is none other than Ruggero Deodato's Jungle Holocaust.

Deodato, who would later bring us the incredible Cannibal Holocaust (1980),the king of all Italian gut-muncher films, fills this jungle adventure/survival horror with everything one would come to expect from a cannibal film—graphic gore, animal deaths and nudity— and it is, in my opinion, the first true example of the genre (some may argue that Umberto Lenzi's 1972 movie, The Man From Deep River, should be given this accolade, but the cannibals in that were merely incidental).

The purportedly true story tells of a group of four unfortunates who crash their plane in a remote area inhabited by man-eating stone-age natives. They successfully fix their aircraft, but before they can take off, they are attacked. Two of the group are killed, but Robert Harper (Massimo Foschi) and Rolf (Ivan Rassimov) escape into the jungle, but soon become lost in the dense foliage.

Arriving at a river, they build a raft and head upstream. However, their craft enters some rapids and overturns when they hit a rock. Rolf vanishes into the raging waters and Robert crawls to safety only to be taken captive by the cannibals. He is taken to their cave, where he undergoes much humiliation and torture (he is stripped naked, has his tallywhacker flicked by inquisitive kids, is pelted with rocks, and kept in a cage where he is fed offal and urinated on). On the brighter side, he also meets a gorgeous female member of the savage tribe (played by genre regular Me Me Lai, who is pretty much naked for the whole film) who gives him a hand shandy for his troubles!

After he realises that he is eventually to be used as bait for crocodiles, Robert makes a desperate bid for freedom, taking the lovely Ms. Lai as his hostage. The natives, understandably peeved, set off in pursuit...

Jungle Holocaust is a gruelling tale of survival against the odds that is packed with nauseating scenes of mutilation guaranteed to upset those with weak stomachs. Victims are graphically dismembered, disembowelled and devoured, and a native woman is even seen giving birth and then throwing her unwanted newborn child into a river. But it is a nasty moment where a live croc is gutted that upset me the most, easily rivalling the infamous 'turtle' scene from Cannibal Holocaust for most revolting moment in Italian cinema.

Although not as well known as many other genre entries (such as Cannibal Ferox, Eaten Alive or Mountain of the Cannibal God),this is still one of the better examples of the genre, and essential viewing for all gore-hounds and fans of Italian sleaze.

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