Inside Men

2015 [KOREAN]

Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Byung-hun Lee Photo
Byung-hun Lee as An Sang-gu
Woo-jin Jo Photo
Woo-jin Jo as Jo Sang-moo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10

Corruption everywhere

Is it possible to bring those to justice that are as corrupt and evil as we imagine some to be? I'm not talking any conspiracy theories here, no I'm talking those who are corrupt because ... well you know money! And how to prove their guilt ... in the real world that is quite something to achieve and even if you do that, they mostly have so much power, they walk away with almost nothing to fear.

But this is a movie, so we can expect that at least there is a ... fighting chance of that happening one way or the other. No pun intended. And if you watch a movie about that, why not make it this Korean effort. When it comes to action and intriguing story, South Korea has quite the output. I can really highly recommend quite a lot of their movies. And since they won best movie at least years Oscars the awareness of their industry has been raised (finally). Not for the faint hearted and maybe predictable for quite a lot of people, this still can entertain quite a lot to say the least!

Reviewed by KineticSeoul6 / 10

Stylish and it tries to be cool, but nothing really that will grab the viewers attention

This is actually a dragged out story that is more about the cinematography and the style of it all over a deep story that intrigues. It's a watchable movie but it does feel like the plot is really drawn out. It is a a movie with high quality cinematography for a Korean movie. With some topnotch actors, that really bring a bit exaggerated and yet it works when it comes to the style of this movie. When it comes to the plot it delves in the nasty side of politics, the corruption within it and how some old farts take advantage of the system. While screwing young women during there meeting together and giving idealistic speeches. Lee Byung-hun is a good actor but not really a guy that has integrity in real life. So he puts on a believable performance as a thug that built his way up to the top by doing errands from top officials. He sort of reminded me of the character he played in "A Bittersweet Life" except not as charismatic. Anyways besides the style of this film and some nasty underground stuff that happens in Korean night life. This is actually a forgettable film. The end has the typical clean wrap up that works but isn't all that impactful. Mainly because the build up wasn't all that interesting. It's watchable and I was able to sit through it without checking my time but again it's still a forgettable movie.


Reviewed by yoggwork7 / 10

Money can grind the devil.

Money can grind the devil. Under the Western-style electoral system, the political circles can not rely on the restraint of capital. The theme of this film is that evil is more than right, so the protagonist shines and incarnates Xiaoqiang. In addition, political opponents are deliberately ignored. In fact, it must be capital and politics, not underworld and law, that can defeat capital and politics. The description of several villas in this film must be very attractive to otaku men.

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