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Reviewed by dschmeding1 / 10

This makes me so angry

From the get go it was a really weird idea to remake a french euro classic in horror movies and use a spanish director. What sense does that make... Well, you can both trash a good movie and destroy another european career in the process because the Hollywood remake of "Inside" is simply atrocious.

Its obvious from the title sequence onward which is like 80% of this remake directly lifted from the original. Where the french movie was gripping and dense as well as creative right from the carcrash sequence on, this movie feels like no one cared the least to make it good... maybe because they knew it was an near impossible task to make a better movie anyway.

That stomach aching feeling with the minimal score and stunning dark cinematography... i can't find it anywhere in this movie. Most of this feels uninspired and boring. I can't for the life of me imagine why someone would take a thrilling movie and make it less thrilling... it just feels like they did not care at all.

The first three quarters of the movie are pretty much an identical remake of the original movie. Of course its kind of americanized but most of it is pretty much the same... just way less interesting and gripping. The house invasion fails and when something interesting is happening the reactions of the actors feel off, like when the main characted accidentaly kills her mother... there are several of those scenes that feel like they thought "OK, lets get this over with". No emotional depth at all. And in my opinion the sound design is a major reason for lack of tension. Everything just passes you by.

Now, the original movie to my taste had a kind of letdown ending and you know what... they changed the ending of the movie and turned it completely on its head. While the original movie was living of its ominous atmosphere and completely unclear motivations (which were a letdown to me when the tension unwrapped in the end) of course some Hollywood producer must have said: "Hey this is a movie for an american audience, so lets spell every little piece out in giant letters, so no idiot can say he didn't get it when the credits roll". Its the basic difference between american and european or asian movies... they have to market it to the lowest common denominator and avoid any uncertainty or openness for interpretation. And boy, did they do it here. But its not even the biggest problem with the last quarter of this movie. The way things move out of the main characters house are ludicrous and the way they changed an original bleak end into a weird happy one is so full of dump character actions... its stunning. That pool scene is so full of unbelievable actions and of course a covered pool is lighted, so cinematography works better... sure! Best of all... when they go for a highlydramatic ending which literally has the main actor thanking god, they just smash the credits right over it, like they want to underscore again "Hey, no one cares and we got better things to do... so lets get out of this doomed mission FAST!".

Cinematography is good, sounddesign sucks, everything else is average... and that makes this a one point movie for me because you can't do such a careless remake of a movie that garnered a cult following.

Hollywood... keep your fingers off good movies. And Americans ... learn to watch subtitled or synchronized movies like the rest of the world. You don't even know what you are missing when you get silly remakes like this. Watch the originals and let money be spent on new scripts and no more be wasted on unnecessary remakes.

Reviewed by Horror_Flick_Fanatic1 / 10

Totally fubar'd remake of an excellent french horror film.

One of my favorite extreme french horror films was the original film this movie was based on, Inside (2007). Browsing through Hulu the night before I spotted this American remake. My expectations were low based on prior experience with many American horror remakes, but this particular remake sunk far lower than my already low expectations.

The story isn't an exact copy of the original. They did make changes and the biggest changes were in the last third of the film. Unbelievable beyond belief and the producers having seen the original which should have given them an excellent template to base their remake seem to totally ignore it.

Before the opening scene and immediately after the opening credits, a statistic is shown on the screen literally giving away the twist in the plot that the original film doesn't unveil until the very end. By doing that, they literally killed any chance of developing a sense of suspense and surprise that the original was so great at doing. In the original film, the audience doesn't understand why the killer is doing what she does until the very end, but this film constantly reminds us of what the plot is as though the audience has a 30 second attention deficit.

I would NOT recommend this film to a friend at all. Anyone who has not seen the original, I highly recommend you watch the original film, even if you do not like subtitles. If you see this film first and uncover the twist, it will ruin the original for you and you will miss out on a highly rated french extreme horror original.

Reviewed by manuelasaez1 / 10

Quite possibly the worst remake of an excellent horror film

I didn't want to compare this film to the French version; it's not fair, as the original film is a horror masterpiece and one of the most difficult to watch movies of all time. This remake, however, is so horribly done, so pointless, that it does not deserve any leniency. This movie should be butchered for how offensive it is to the original. the movie is so bad, in fact, that I will break down the way it fails using a list. It's all it deserves.

1. The original film is a classic due to its no holds barred violence. This film is the Lifetime Television version. It is made to appease sensitive people who can't stomach anything to serious. It is insulting to the original audience.

2. The acting is atrocious. Everyone from the lead actress to the woman who wanted her baby delivered their lines as if it was their first movie. Actually, every single female in this movie was untalented. It made the movie a cringe fest every time one of them spoke. Just awful.

3. The movie is neutered in the ways only Hollywood knows how to neuter a movie. I understand that most people refuse to watch subtitled films because it makes them feel somewhat stupid to not be able to properly keep up with the text on the screen, but it is no excuse to butcher an otherwise amazing cinematic experience to appease a group of people who can't appreciate world cinema.

4. Why is it that every Hollywood movie has to have a "happy ending"? The French film is famous for having one of the most messed up endings of all time, and this movie chose to end like that? It's like everyone involved actively worked to make the movie as simple and tame as possible. This is the movie equivalent of a cheese sandwich. Simple, bland and lifeless.

I mean, I often like to give the benefit of the doubt to remakes of foreign films; they will almost never surpass the source material, so why even bother? Some movies deserve to be seen in their original language, and if you are unwilling to read subtitles to watch the film, well, it sucks to be you. But I would rather they not remake any film, ever, if it means that we can avoid getting crap like this. An awful and low effort remake that does not deserve anyone's time.

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