The Man Inside


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten27%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled12%
IMDb Rating5.8101357

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Peter Mullan Photo
Peter Mullan as Gordon Sinclair
Michelle Ryan Photo
Michelle Ryan as Alexia Sinclair
David Harewood Photo
David Harewood as Eugene Murdoch
Ray Panthaki Photo
Ray Panthaki as Bose
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by louisedurdy7 / 10

Powerful stuff!

Caught this on iTunes last night, and wanted to write about it. Was searching for Peter Mullan films I hadn't yet seen (am big fan). Thought this film looked like a "yeah Brov" sort of film, but gave it a go. Glad I did, cos it was a really good film. Not amazing like Peter's own films, but he was great in it (as usual).

I did a bit of research after watching the film and I can see how it was biographical. It definitely feels very raw in places. If i had a criticism I'd say it could have done with some quieter moments, as its pretty full-on. But I don't mind that too much. the other actors are good, especially the lead guy, who I hadn't seen before. Overall, I gave it 7/10. its a lot better than most of the Brit films I've seen, and another brilliant performance from my favourite actor.

Reviewed by searchanddestroy-17 / 10

Better than most other British dramas, and certainly not a crime topic.

I did not expect that so good. This is far better than most British films speaking of ghettos, gangs and social collapse, at least for the 2010's period. Actors and directors are not known, but directing and acting are more than OK. This is a pure drama, more than a crime movie. Everything is convincing and many scenes gripping, and the 2.35 frame helped a lot for the credibility of the whole. But maybe the director used these technicalities to enhance his work more than necessary, to compensate the directing flaws. See what I mean? Yes, if you compare with most of UK features speaking of this kind of topic, this one deserves to stay on the top of the basket, not the bottom. UK industry gave us much garbage since a decade now. And not only in the horror movies field. I only regret a bit of confusion in the screenplay, that Peter Mullan - the only well know actor, here as a supporting character - can't save. A confusion that seem to be the trade mark of today UK film industry, confusion in the editing, mixing up the continuity of the story. But that's my own point of view.

Reviewed by sapdrafat1 / 10

Mind numbingly dull

It's not a boxing movie. Because theirs hardly any boxing.

It's not a thriller. Because its not thrilling.

It is very funny in parts. But its not meant to be a comedy, I think.

Performances are laughable. David Harewood is brilliant in Homeland. He is dire in this movie. I think hes trying to play Dr Evil from the Austin Powers movies.

Peter Mullan. An amazing actor in everything but this. He just wonders round like hes just been released from some old folks home.

Ashley Bashey just looks like hes in pain most of the time and then the tapping starts.

The tapping. OMG the tapping. The tapping is so crass and in your face as a motif that you don't know whether to laugh or cry.

I did make it all the way through waiting for something to happen ... but it never did.

It is mind numbingly dull. Boring, irrelevant, and done a hundred times better by much better film makers.


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