I'm Glad It's Christmas


Drama / Family / Romance

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Jessica Lowndes as Holly
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Paul Greene as Jason Murphy
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Gladys Knight as Cora
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BurberryGal10 / 10

I'm so Glad for this movie

This movie was a fun, musical film starring the incredible icon that is Ms Gladys Knight. How do you get more iconic?! Jessica Lowndes and Paul Greene also star and sing in the film. I loved how musical this was and that everyone got to show their talents with Gladys. She really lead this film and that was so much fun to watch. Paul Greene is one of my favorite actors & performers, I love that he got a chance to show off his singing talents while acting. He is really growing and rising in his career. Jessica Lowndes also sounded so great!! They had fun banter and good chemistry/ music compatibility. Really impressed with Paul Greene this year!!!

Reviewed by vranger6 / 10

Lots of great stuff, but lose the cliches ... PLEASE

Broadcast as "I'm Glad It's Christmas". The original IMDB listing is "Someday at Christmas", but that may be corrected by the time you read this.

This was a very pleasant movie, and setting a different tone, it did break the mold in one way: There really were no character conflicts or major crises. We had a "bump and drop meet", but the writers resolved that amicably on the very next meeting. We had a grumpy boss, but she lightened up with no real tension. The romantic leads simply got along for the whole movie.

There was a lot of nice singing in the movie, but when Jessica Lowndes proclaimed at one point that a song "Wasn't in her key", she meant it. She sounds GREAT singing solo, but every time she sang with someone else she was off their key. Very odd and a little cringy.

The BIG cliche? Of course, the audition for her big break comes at the same time as the big show she's committed to and helping the male lead out with his chance to land a big client for writing ad jingles. And of course the person she must audition for can ONLY meet at one time and is catching a flight right after that.

It's the same old contrived conflict we see OVER AND OVER AGAIN in these movies. Writers ... you CAN do better. We really should NEVER see this overworked and unconvincing crisis again. PLEASE.

That took two stars off my rating.

Reviewed by MovieQween-3362210 / 10

Loved this movie, so much talent

I wanted to start off by saying that I love Paul Greene. I was so Glad (

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