Fatal Call



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Danielle Harris Photo
Danielle Harris as Amy Hannison
Lochlyn Munro Photo
Lochlyn Munro as Detective Zyler
Kevin Sorbo Photo
Kevin Sorbo as Rick
Jason London Photo
Jason London as Mitch Harwell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by albrechtcm3 / 10

Could be worse

With its plot line this could have been an acceptable film, but since the director (who wore many hats in this) chose to (a) direct this in a non-linear, highly confusing style, jumping around so much it was hard to know just where we were and (b) chose every tried and true setup that of course everyone sees coming from afar. Add to that the contrived scenes and of course the obligatory abandoned factory where the rent is cheap. Aside from that, the acting was acceptable and the camera work okay; it's simply that there were no surprises; none at all, and the lead character, while likable and charismatic, was played in such a way that it was impossible to believe he could be so stupid. In the end we have to blame the writer/director/editor and also barfly, Jack Snyder. One final word: through the opening titles we're flashed with scenes of an old-fashioned rotary phone being dialed. Since this was a modern-day film with today's cell phones and the closest thing there was to a fatal call was a fatal missed call, I really wonder where the rotary phone came into this at all.

Reviewed by fortywood2 / 10

How to learn the English alphabet in 10 sloooow steps...

Movie made in 2012, the year is 2013, and there is not one single post on the message board. No wonder. There is nothing to discuss! What about..? A film that seems to have been made as filler-time between commercials, where the actors speak slower than the heroes of a documentary on dyslexia? Or the constant flashbacks that after a while become so predictable and useless? Can't even sympathize with the protagonist. His actions (and lack of reactions) are so moronic that you wish he dies, so the film will end sooner. Not a bad story, except it fell in the wrong hands. I wish a quick recovery to anyone who watched this. I'm still recuperating.

Reviewed by AlanMichaelElliott4 / 10

Should Have Been Fabulous

This movie has a tremendous storyline but unfortunately it is poorly produced. I could not become completely immersed as I was constantly reminded of its amateurish feel. Though professionally written this production only fails in the way it is played out. The acting is bad, the timing is off and the general continuity lacks proper direction and good editing skill. With regard to the acting, itself, my main concern would be with the majority of the actors failing to synchronize their eye movements with the actual thoughts they are supposed to be depicting. As far as the location shooting goes, the factory/refinery setting is supposed to be an abandoned plant and no longer in operation yet when we first see this location steam is rising from some of the vents. A poor production, overall, but a great "thriller" story all the same.

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