Dear Santa


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santa claus

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Reviewed by devlsrdeye1 / 10

An Example at attempts at damage control

After witness after witness testifies to the UPS hand in attempting to steal the 2020 election they and their liberal rewriters put out a fluff feel good piece trying to make you forget their dark seedy underside and their inability to provide reliable service.

Reviewed by roger-99-1715998 / 10

Celebrate Solidarity and Compassion this Holiday Season

We current live in one of the darkest periods in human history. Solidarity, common sense and compassion are at stake, especially as the world tends to become more and more social isolated, separating the possibilities of interaction among those who need help the most. Even though we live busy lives, solidarity has been the essential part of any Holiday celebrations, for Christians or not- only if the world really knew the true meaning of Christmas. And despite our inclinations to selfishness and individualism, and the impact of the Pandemic changing the course of our routines in 2020, many of us remained helpful and engaged in social activism. That is the case of a centenarian program created by the US Post Office, that provides relief to lower class families across the country, answering to the requests and dreams expressed in millions of letters humbly written to Santa Claus. The "Operation Santa" program has never stopped, and now more than ever, they will be able to reach out families that have been impacted by the Pandemic and the country's economic crisis. These guardians of peace are made of the Post Office employees, as well as social activists, community leaders and volunteers. Award winning director Dana Nachman travels the country on Christmas evening, capturing the magic and warmth of the season and its valuable humanitarian effects. Her cameras reveal the struggles of working-class parents, many stories of survival, including those raged by the California fires, as well as the innocence and hope seen in the children's eyes, with tenderness and enthusiasm. The result is a triumphant, thoughtful, heart-warming, and honest portrait of solidarity and compassion. It also proves that not everything is lost in humanity. Exactly what the world needs right now. (IFC Films. 12/4. In Theaters and On Demand.)

Reviewed by ferguson-67 / 10

santa's elves

Greetings again from the darkness. In an era when being nasty to those who don't share your opinion is de rigueur, it's such a pleasant relief to watch a story centered on generous folks who want nothing more than to bring joy to others ... especially those in need. Director Dana Nachman is fast becoming a master of 'feel good' documentaries, and this one fits nicely with her recent projects, PICK OF THE LITTER (2018) and BATKID BEGINS: THE WISH HEARD AROUND THE WORLD (2015).

Bringing a smile to our face quickly is the opening where kids excitedly talk about Santa Claus and the letters they write to him. There is nothing more pure than a young child's hope and belief that someone is devoted to delivering happiness, and yes, presents! A quick history lesson explains that kids have been writing letters to Santa for more than 150 years, and in 1912, the United States Postal Service began Operation Santa - a way to process the letters being sent to Santa Claus each year. It wasn't until the 1940's that the program was opened up to the public, and only recently has gone online. These days, it's a remarkably coordinated effort involving individuals, companies, organizations, and non-profits.

We visit big cities and small ones as director Nachman shows us the impact these "North Pole elves" have on their communities. A 'Countdown to Christmas' is used to keep track of the deadline facing each and every person. We see how the USPS has digitized the letters and categorizes according to location, age, and type of request. There is even discussion about the surprising variances in gift requests based on geographic locations. It might also interest you that many adults write letters to Santa each year, although it probably wouldn't surprise you to know that many of these are folks facing tough times, and their requests tend to be necessities like mattresses for the kids or a functioning appliance.

Most of the letters to Santa are heartfelt, and many are requests for others rather than gifts for themselves. Families displaced by fire or divorce will surely strike an emotional chord, as will the reactions of the "elves" reading the letters. Delivering the many donated gifts requires a highly coordinated effort - especially when live animals are involved. Yes, sometimes pets are requested, and again, the joy on the faces of those receiving gifts may only be equaled by the smiles by the givers.

The true spirit of giving at Christmas is on display throughout, and we have director Nachman to thank for bringing this to light. There are so many generous and caring people involved with the program, and their goal is to make sure others experience joy at this time of year.

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