Dear Santa


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Amy Acker as Crystal Carruthers
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Gina Holden as Jillian
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David Haydn-Jones as Derek Gowen
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Brooklynn Proulx as Sharla
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird6 / 10

Love at Christmas

The main reasons as to why Christmas has always been my favourite time of year are because it means lots of family time and reliving the nostalgia and fond memories of singing and listening to carols, watching Christmas films and animations, playing festive games and opening presents. Will never tire of it and nothing will ever change that for the world.

'Dear Santa', watched as another film seen as part of my quest to broaden my festive film horizons, is never going to be among my favourites, Christmas films and overall, falling short of being great. It is though one of the more watchable Christmas films seen recently (the general standard being very, very hit and miss) and avoids some, though not all, of the traps that other recently seen Christmas films have fallen into. Like a lot of them, there is appeal for some but others will find it a bit of a chore to sit through. For me despite its flaws, 'Dear Santa' is generally one of the better new Christmas films seen recently, if not one of the classics.

As to be expected 'Dear Santa's' story is predictable, with a lot of easily telegraphed scenes and an outcome that is obvious from the outset. Some draggy pacing here and there too, with it taking a little too long to get going.

Some of the film goes overboard on the cheese and schmaltz in the writing. It did take me time to warm to the lead character, which did happen thankfully because there was growth and it for me rang true.

Visually, 'Dear Santa' looks decent, the locations are particularly striking. The music provides some affectionate nostalgia and is pleasant to listen to, while the direction avoids being too routine. Didn't find myself irritated by the characters at least generally, found the leads quite endearing, and wasn't bored. The Christmas atmosphere is handled charmingly and affectionately and the romance is genuinely sweet and doesn't go overboard on the schmaltz.

Predictability aside, 'Dear Santa' was well-intentioned and had a difficult to dislike atmosphere and some amusing comedic moments that didn't flag or over-stretch. There is definitely a festive spirit and there is plenty of warmth and charm here, with enough parts to warm and melt the heart. Never does it feel too juvenile or mean-spirited and the sentimentality generally doesn't become too much. Jason Priestly directs surprisingly competently. The acting actually comes over very well, the cast all give likeable performances without being too broad yet still having a good deal of personality. Amy Acker, Emma Duke and Gina Holden fare strongest. The chemistry charms and entertains.

Overall, likeable and above average if nothing to be blown away by. 6/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by tabuno7 / 10

An Above Average Romantic Film

20 November 2013. While one of those predictable romantic lightly ironic comedies, the character of Crystal played by Amy Acker (Angel, 2001-2004; Person of Interest, 2012-2013) is offered a role that expands on the traditional relational depth especially with the young girl in the movie. Amy also portrays Crystal without the stereotypical hard edged elite finish, offered used by snobby, spoiled women on screen. Instead Amy brings a more softer but just as effective naive, selfish demeanor to film. Her transformation is appealingly fascinating. If not for another Amy, an actress named Amy Adams, who has been more successful in transitioning from television to the movies with the breakthrough in Enchanted (2007),Amy Acker (Man of Steel, 2013) might have been much further in her career.

There are moments especially with the energetic rhythmic music that there are flashbacks to 80s delightful romantic comedies such as Mannequin (1987) and Electric Dreams (1984). Dear Santa has the same tempo and tone as Sarah Michelle Geller's Simply Irresistible (1999) but without the literal "magic". Overall this is an above average romantic film that doesn't resort to extraordinary plots, melodramatic performances, but relies on decent performances to depict an entertaining romance, coming of age movie with a simple but enjoyable plot outline. Other romance, coming of age movies might include a deliciously beautiful performance and locale for Diane Lane directed by Audrey Wells in Under the Tuscan Sun (2003) or Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst in Elizabethtown (2005),or German romantic comedy Mostly Martha (2001) and remade as No Reservation (2007) starring Catherine Zeta Jones or the coming of age of Scarlett Johansson's character in Nanny Diaries (2007).

Reviewed by carolfs8 / 10

"Sleepless in Seattle" meets "Legally Blonde" meets "Arthur"

Somehow, despite the formulaic plot (rich, but nice, girl about to be cut off from family money unless she becomes more responsible (i.e. married and productive),finds widower whose child is seeking a new wife for him, while using knowledge of high fashion and society's upper echelon to overcome obstacle of snobbish former girlfriend attempting to work back into widower's life),this is a delightful story that actually works well. The characters interact in a relatively believable manner, so even though we can pretty much guess at how it will end within the first five minutes, it's fun to watch it play out. I wouldn't mind seeing it again!

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