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Reviewed by deedrala2 / 10

All the usual implausible LMN tropes

First off, the description here on imdb is wrong in saying that the psycho physical therapist helps Tony to walk again. She does just the opposite - she does everything possible to prevent him from walking again, such as purposely keeping the message from him and his mom that the surgeon who will enable him to walk again can get him in sooner than expected due to a cancellation. So he lost out on that opportunity because of her sneaky conniving manipulation, and when they called again and told him of a new date in the near future, she killed his surgeon to prevent him from operating on the kid so he would remain in a wheelchair and dependent on her for life. So that needs to be corrected since it's the opposite of the truth about the basic theme of the movie.

Secondly - the first reviewer here said the therapist actress's acting was terrible, but I think it was because the material and dialogue was so horribly written, no one could've made it sound right. She seemed to be a fair actress with badly-written lines.

Third and last - will Lifetime ever make a movie in which people lock their doors? Or where the villain can't always get away with all their nefarious sneaky machinations to manipulate everything to their sole objective, which is always to make the idol of their deranged obsession fall in love with them?

Too implausible that she could so brazenly break into a house in the middle of the night and actually send a text from Tony's girlfriend's phone while she lies there asleep in her bed, all while the girlfriend's father is walking around the house looking for the intruder with a baseball bat. When she first got there, she actually grabbed the doorknob of the front door and turned it, ready to walk right in. Who does that?? It was one of the rare times someone actually locked their door in a Lifetime movie. So then she got the garage door opener out of the unlocked car in the driveway and opened the garage door to get in the house that way. What if someone had been up, in the kitchen getting a drink or going to the bathroom or watching TV, and she just brazenly walks into the house?

Only reason to watch is Meredith Thomas, who does a good job as always (she was great in Killer Advice) even though her role is fairly small here.

2 out of 10 / Grade D-

Reviewed by marian-g6 / 10

Sexy care-giver who gives sex therapy is a delusional thought!

After many similar Lifetime movies about doctors or nurses going rogue, I decided to give this movie a try. Before viewing I did notice already 2 scorching poor reviews about "worst acting" and a cliché plot. Also Lifetime Network adds the movie to its "Wicked Revenge" series... so is the movie shocking a bit like they say? Well the movie falls exactly cliche category where nurses / doctors go delusional and nuts. I do appreciate sexy frill bits scenes in the movie but the revenge part isnot there where you may expect it and the end is a bit contrived but overally the movie is not worse off than "Stalked by my Doctor" films with Eric Roberts. As far as shocking bit, you'll definitely come across a shock so typical for gruesome horror flicks but overal impression i got is a sexy acresss that I would not mind giving care to me. The movie gives messy feel to some of the scenes which may look like bad acting - but I think it's more about choreography and camera work rather than the actors

Reviewed by burlesonjesse56 / 10

VIEWS ON FILM review of Dangerous Medicine

2021's Dangerous Medicine is my latest write-up. Its title, well it couldn't be more literal and/or obvious. "Medicine" is about a psychotic caregiver who by having a nurturing complex, tries to take possession of a paralyzed 18-year-old. At the fifteen minute mark, said caregiver (Daphne played by Leann Van Mol) is already a cray cray loon by default. The yelling, the screaming, the head voices, the spazzing, the desperation. Yes it's all there.

Trashy, belligerent, LA based, and shrewd like a Lifetime movie should be, Dangerous Medicine is icky and pretty uncomfortable to watch. The film is also a train wreck so well, you just keep watching. Mol's Daphne not only kills people, she also tries to romance younger guys while keeping them eternally crippled. She's like a cross between Nurse Ratched, Hanna Schmitz, and Mrs. Robinson. Heck, the bathtub scene where Daphne goes for the groin is pretty darn cringe-worthy.

Chris Cimperman plays 18-year-old Tony while veteran Lifetime lifer Meredith Thomas plays Tony's travel happy mom. Questions regarding "Medicine" are as follows: Why does Daphne's employer hire Daphne without a background check, a second interview, or a reference check? Why is Tony's girlfriend Jasmine not cited or put on probation (I mean she caused the accident that put Tony in a wheelchair)? How the heck did Tony's mommy and Jasmine find out where Daphne kidnapped Tony? Finally, how are Tony and Daphne able to be intimate from a sexual standpoint (the poor dude can't feel anything from the waist down)?

Bottom line: Dangerous Medicine may be nervously watchable but come on, you have to suspend your disbelief. I'm convinced that after thirty-one years, Lifetime has cinematic, diplomatic immunity-s and wants it that way. With implausibility, overacting, and sketchy plot developments on display, "Medicine" is an "antidote" to a mixed review.

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