Blind Chance

1987 [POLISH]

Action / Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by denis88810 / 10

An Unbeatable Master Work !

This is a very very good film. Here, Mr. Kislowski managed to show the life of an ordinary man who lives in a very troubled time. The film in fact has three shorter stories, each has the same beginning and then we see the possible outcomes of each. Witek Dlugosz, a medical student, is running after the train to Warsaw, trying to catch it. In the first variant, he catches it, comes to Warsaw and suddenly becomes involved in the political turmoil of the 1981's Polish strikes and anti-Communist movements. Seems like Witek doesn't understand fully what he does, anyway, he shows real courage when saving the hostages from the mental institute. He becomes somewhat of the ruling Party's darling, so when his friends are arrested, he is untouchable and retains his freedom. The 1st story ends with Witek's fit of fury at the airport, just before the flight to Paris. The 2nd variant shows Witek becoming one of those protesters, so he is in the middle of the struggle, but his sudden love affair miraculously saves him from the arrest, but however pays him his status in the eyes of his companions. The 3rs film shows Witek as a prominent doctor, he is well-known and respectable, but when he starts his flight to Paris, the plane explodes. All in all, the film is a great work, it does show every minute of common people's lives, their fears and pain, their small joys and tragedies. Young Boguslaw Linda, who plays Witek, is a superb actor, his delivery is smooth and excellent. Highly recommended for all those who like films not about politics but about common people...

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird9 / 10

Perplexing at first but if stuck with it's fascinating and very rewarding

Haven't seen every Kieslowski film yet, but of what has been seen all ranges between very good (the 8th episode of 'Dekalog') to masterpiece ('Three Colors: Red' and 'Blue' and the whole 'Dekalog' series). To me, he was an immensely gifted director, who died far too early.

While perhaps my least favourite feature film of his, that is in no way denouncing 'Blind Chance' because, while it is easy to see why viewers may be challenged by it, it is still a great film. Its weak spot is the first 20 minutes, it is slow and with too many random scenes with too many characters equally random which did confuse me. However, as someone who does not believe in bailing out on a film and who never judges a film without seeing the whole thing, being an admirer of Kieslowski I stuck with 'Blind Chance' and it was completely the right decision.

Despite its alienating start, 'Blind Spot' is typical Kieslowski and is both fascinating and rewarding.

Kieslowski's films are all visually striking and exceptionally well made. 'Blind Chance' is in no way exempted from that. As well as being beautifully shot with atmospheric use of colour to match the mood, it is gritty yet beautiful with many thoughtful and emotionally powerful images lingering long into the memory. Kieslowski's direction is quietly unobtrusive, intelligently paced and never too heavy, and the music is suitably intricate.

'Blind Chance' makes the most of its ingeniously structured story (not exactly a new concept, but one of the best uses of it, not a surprise as Kieslowski was a master of narrative construction),with typically rich themes and complex characters with compellingly real situations and relationships. It's a very thought-provoking film and is as thoroughly engaging as it is challenging, just don't be thrown off by the beginning. How it ends, which is essentially the point of the film, is very powerful. The acting is as always from Kieslowski marvellously nuanced and natural.

Overall, a great film, initially perplexing but fascinating when stuck with. Might give it another watch sometime and maybe the beginning will fare better on re-watch. 9/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

sliding doors

Witek Dlugosz is rushing to catch a train. There are three vastly different alternative paths for him depending on the result.

This is the 1981 version with elements censored by the government having been restored. It's influential with similar films like Sliding Doors. I have to assume that this is a political film. The fact that he is so easy to switch in his politics leads me to believe that Communism has become nothing more than the establishment. It holds no true beliefs other than power. I don't know what was censored in 1981 but I'm sure they are not flattering scenes for the Communist government. My main issue with this is the same as for most films of this type. The difference is random and the result is also random. It all feels rather meaningless which is kind of the point of the movie with its final ending. It's not a movie that I love watching but it is making some compelling points.

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