One Foot in Hell


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Stanley Adams as Pete
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Alan Ladd as Mitch Barrett
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Dolores Michaels as Julie Reynolds
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Don Murray as Dan Keats
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer7 / 10

Unique enough to merit watching--but not for Alan Ladd's lackluster performance

This is one of the last performances in Alan Ladd's career and it shows. The effects of alcoholism have left him puffy and only a shadow of his former self. In a few scenes, his acting was lethargic and poor (particularly in the beginning when Ladd should have played it much more emotionally charged),though at others he did look like the old Alan Ladd. However, despite this less than stellar performance, the film still is well worth viewing because the story idea is so unique. While NOT always executed well and having a few lulls here and there, there are enough twists and turns and surprises to make it rise above the glutted Western genre. In fact, in general I don't like Westerns because so many seem formulaic and routine--but this one has a few nice and unique twists.

The film begins with Ladd and his pregnant wife arriving late at night in a small town in the old West. Despite the woman being in obvious pain and being on the verge of dying, Ladd is amazed to see how indifferent most of the men are who he appeals to for help. The motel clerk, the druggist and the sheriff all expend no effort to help and in fact hinder Ladd getting needed medicine to his wife, who subsequently dies. Ladd appears grief-stricken but accepting of this as an accident and agrees to stay on as the town's deputy sheriff--though beneath it all he has a plan for exacting his revenge upon the townsfolk.

While covertly assembling a motley group to rob the town, it becomes clear that Ladd is indeed crazed--sort of like a land-bound Captain Ahab. And, it also becomes clear that the town isn't that bad--just a few jerks who initially tainted Ladd's view of the place. How all this is resolved actually surprised me, as by this point in his career, Ladd always seemed to play a good guy--here he was rather terrible and conniving.

As I said above, Ladd's performance is the biggest weakness in the film. However, if you get past this and a couple lulls here and there, there are enough good moments and plot ideas to make this a keeper.

Reviewed by ma-cortes6 / 10

Decent Western with fine cast dealing with a relentless vengeance

As Mitch Barret : Alan Ladd exacts a merciless vendetta on small town inhabitants by becoming a sheriff. As Mitch manages to turn an implacable sheriff . Along the way , he joins forces with other people : Don Murray , Dan O'Herlihy , Barry Coe , Dolores Michaels to carry out a twisted plan. One Foot in Hell one Hand on a Gun one day a town would never forget . One Foot in Hell is one whale of a Motion Picture ! It is one of the most exciting , one of the most powerful human epics in the story of the West !

This is the thrilling story of the day hell came to town wearing a badge well starred by Alan Ladd , being one of the last movies , actually the last was The Carpetbaggers 1964 and subsequently dying of alcoholism. Alan Ladd starred some notorious Westerns as Branded , Drum Beat , The Proud Rebel , The Iron Mistress , Badlanders and his big hit : Shane . Based on a Playhouse story , called The last man with interesting script from Aaron Spelling and Sydney Bohem who produced , too . There is a good studio character , including a large plethora the roles with especial peculiarities , such as a drifter , a pickpocket , a Saloon girl and a drunkyard . Along with Ladd there appears a lot of familiar secondaries providing nice interpretations such as : George Coe , Dan O'Herlihy , Don Murray Larry Gates , John Alexander , Robert Adler , Karl Swenson , among others.

It displays colorful and glimmer cinematography by William C Mellor . As well as evocative and stirring musical score by Dominic Frontiere . The picture was well directed by James B Clark . This good filmmaker was an artisan who usually shot episodes for popular TV series as Batman, High Chaparral, Lassie , Daniel Boone The Monroe , Voyage to the bottom of the Sea , Firehouse , Loner and occassionally making feature films as A Dog of Flanders , Villa ! , Sierra Baron , Under Fire , Misty and My side of the Mountain. One Foot in Hell rating : 6,5/10 . Notable . The flick will appeal to Alan Ladd fans . Well worth watching .

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend7 / 10

The last man and one dollar and eighty seven cents.

One Foot in Hell is directed by James B. Clark and written by Aaron Spelling and Sydney Boehm. It stars Alan Ladd, Don Murray, Dan O'Herlihy, Dolores Michaels, Barry Coe and Larry Gates. A CinemaScope/De Luxe Color production with music by Dominic Frontiere and cinematography by William C. Mellor.

Incensed by the circumstances which led to the death of his wife and unborn child, Mitch Barrett (Ladd) plots revenge against the whole town of Blue Springs.

Alan Ladd's last Western doesn't find him in the best of shape or on the best of form, but it's a most interesting and entertaining picture regardless. In a veer from the norm, Ladd is playing a man gone bad, fuelled by hatred and thirsting for revenge, Mitch Barrett assembles a small group of strays and ruffians and sets his plans in motion. He wins the trust of the town and operates behind the facade of the law. Along the way he is extremely callous, the value of life means nothing to him now, while inner fighting and romance destabilises the group until the big denouement arrives.

The pace sometimes sags and there's a distinct rushed feel about the final quarter (one main character annoyingly dies off screen?!),yet there's still a lot to like here. The CinemaScope production is nice to look at, there's some very good scenes such as those involving cattle and liquid fire, while the all round nasty edge to the plotting and characterisations (Julie Reynolds' back story is a shocker) keeps it from being run of the mill. It's not the big Western send off that Ladd fans would have wanted, however it's still a recommended Western to like minded genre fans. 7/10

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