2006 [CHINESE]

Action / Biography / Drama / Sport

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Michelle Yeoh as Miss Yang
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Jet Li as Huo Yuanjia
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Nathan Jones as Hercules O'Brien
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FrenchEddieFelson7 / 10

What a wonderful martial artist!

While not as accomplished as Ying xiong (2002), this film is successful, benefits from combat scenes particularly well choreographed and (it's sufficiently rare to be noted) a moral. Thus, if the first half might be reduced, by being slightly in bad faith, to a succession of d*ck comparisons, the second half highlights a philosophy of life based on respect, dignity and honor, even with the foreigners, even while knockin' on heaven's door. Nice! As a synthesis: 7/8 of 10.

Reviewed by Muhammad_Rafeeq10 / 10

"A masterwork in action filmmaking" Extraordinary ( Chines A+ Movie) My Ratings 10/10

I really enjoyed this movie it's so much more than an marital art film it centers around Li's character who is a young & arrogant marital art master, until a tragic event takes place leaving his life meaningless as he begins to find meaning he learns a lot & changes completey, he realises he was wrong & makes amends with his past actions to become a man of great understanding & wisdom. A lot of life lessons can be learned from this one.

Reviewed by siderite8 / 10

One of the best films of its genre

This movie has it all: a good story, based on real history; very good imagery and soundtrack; nice fighting scenes; last, but not least, a moral.

Jet Li plays a very important character in Chinese history, one that made Chinese people feel proud in a time when all their traditions were torn up by the interaction with the West. One can interpret the message of the movie in many ways. It is a movie about conquering yourself, about the meaning of honor and what it really means to be respected. Jet Li's character evolves from basically a glorified bully to the founder of a true Martial Arts competition based on respect of people and of fighting art. It is also a movie about how industry screws up... everything, really.

I personally feel that the film had enough material to be turned into a mini-series. The time from his personal tragedy to his realizing the meaning of his father's words it's very short and could have been expanded.

In conclusion, this is a great movie of Jet Li's and it's not only for martial arts lovers. I feel that his last "block busters" were meaningless violence films. Fearless is obviously NOT one of these movies. Enjoy.

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