18 Fingers of Death!


Action / Comedy

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Pat Morita Photo
Pat Morita as Freeman Lee
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Bokeem Woodbine as Billy Buff
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Booboo Stewart as Kid Buford
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Lorenzo Lamas as Antonio Bandana
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thebigrodney2 / 10

Keep your money

Do not spend your money on this movie. I love mockumentaries and potty humor but I did not even crack a smile during this entire film. I gave it 2 stars 'cuz Pat Morita was in it. I am still baffled at how this kind of crap gets backing and then money is spent to promote it, and then it's distributed, etc. I'm all for up and coming talent but keep the small budget crap on the shelf for art's sake. Release it later if the director or an actor/actress makes it big later on. Why do I keep falling for this crap. Those who wrote positive reviews must be very very brainless or a part of the film in some way.

If your friend spends his/her money on this move...kung fu his butt and don't watch this. My eyes still burn. Help me.

Reviewed by y2john1 / 10

The worst movie ever made to date

I went into seeing this with no idea of the concept & no notion of what I would be watching.

It was 4 house-mates & friends, along with myself. Total 5 people, all with vastly differing movie tastes to say the least. However there is one thing were were all unified on for once, it took us less than 30 minutes to decide to turn this movie off & save what few braincells we had that either thankfully slept thru this torture or didn't succeed at committing suicide in a rage against me for forcing them to acknowledge this trash.

Since I cant submit a rating of 0 for the movie, I was forced to give it a rating of 1, which in my opinion is 2 more than it deserves.

Save yourself the time wasted & the mental anguish & AVOID this movie!

Reviewed by Invader_J3 / 10

Great idea, but...

The idea of a mockumentary on creating a stereotypical low-budget martial arts movie is great. This movie definitely had some potential - some of Lew's lines on the aspects of these martial arts movies are great! But the whole thing is just too corny to be genuinely funny. Silly celebrity sound-alike names really take away from the celebrity impersonators ("Steven Seafood"? Why not just like, "Steven Seagull," or just use his real name? I think laws on parody would have had them covered).

Add to that very poor editing, with lines obviously recorded afterwards and edited in (they even overlap what the on screen character is saying) and a "fart fight" scene, and the whole thing just goes down the chutes.

It's really unfortunate that some of the best scenes are in the trailer! It opened promisingly enough ("I'm Deadly Thug #1!") but just couldn't keep up. Worth a rent maybe, but that's about it.

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