Coming Home for Christmas


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Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird4 / 10

Blandness comes home

Expectations weren't huge for 'Coming Home for Christmas', judging from the very mixed reviews here (from trusted familiar names) and also that the premise was pretty much typical Hallmark. Danica McKellar has always left me mixed, she has shown likeability and charm in enough of her charms but she does tend to be typecast in fairly limited in scope roles. Still saw the film for completest sake and as someone who has never immediately written a Hallmark Christmas film off, enough of their stuff is watchable.

'Coming Home for Christmas' is a semi-watchable effort of theirs. In no way is it a masterpiece, with too many major flaws. It also isn't an abomination either, as there are a few good things. Not one of Hallmark's best by any stretch from that year or overall, but also not one of their worst on both counts. 'Coming Home for Christmas' generally could have done with more spark, charm and flow, and everything here has been seen before and better.

As indicated already, it is not all bad. It looks pleasant and professional enough visually. The scenery is particularly lovely. Some of the music is pleasant enough.

Despite the typecasting, McKellar is a natural presence and is amiable. Doing well in bringing some spirit and sensitivity to a cliched role and not over-emphasising any negative characteristics, a common habit in Hallmark Christmas films for both male and particularly female lead characters. Some of the supporting cast are also better than average, making the most of wanting material.

This cannot be said for the leading man Neal Bledsoe, who is incredibly wooden, a complete blank and completely devoid of charm. The chemistry between him and McKellar isn't ever there, it looked under-rehearsed and awkward and the relationship is yet another relationship that never really develops. What little progression there is comes over as introduced too abruptly. The characters generally are not appealing and are very sketchy, the character of Kip did grate on me and was overacted. The direction is routine at best.

Hallmark films are seldom known for having good dialogue, there are instances where it is not too bad and is honest, there are instances where it starts off bad and gets better and there are instances where it is bad all the way through. 'Coming Home for Christmas' is in the last category, the amount of cheese and mush becomes unbearable. The predictabiity was expected, but the forced contrivances, over-sentimentality, overdone cheese and the overall blandness from being far too thin and full of over-stretched padding were a lot less forgivable and quite hard to take. Some pleasant moments aside, the soundtrack tends to be intrusive and could have been used less and toned down.

Overall, very lacklustre. 4/10

Reviewed by studioAT6 / 10

Coming Home for Christmas

Danica McKellar heads up this fun Christmas film from Hallmark.

What I liked about it was the fact that it does deviate from the standard format these films tend to follow (though of course there are the seemingly obligatory dance and snowball fight scenes),with a nice love triangle element to it.

It's all nicely played, and there are some sweet moments, though Andrew Francis always seems miscast for me in the 'younger brother' role when actually he looks a bit too long in the tooth for such a part.

On the whole though this is good stuff.

Reviewed by desertman846 / 10

An Estate House Manager In A Love Triangle

Danica McKellar stars in another Hallmark movie entitled, "Coming Home For Christmas". The cast also includes Neal Bledsoe and Chelan Simmons.

This romantic comedy TV movie tells the story of Lizzie Richfiled, who was hired to become the house manager of the Ashford Estate in Virginia after she got laid off by her insurance company and broke up with her boyfriend. As she stays longer in her job, she realizes that she is dealing with a dysfunctional family as there apparently have been disagreements among the family members particularly on whether to sell the estate or not. Added to that, we also witness how two brothers - Robert and Kip - tries to pursue her heart. An unlikely love triangle. Who will Lizzie end up with?

It was a typical Hallmark film as expected. The predictability was indeed present particularly on how the movie is going through with the story from the estate to the love triangle. Added to that, we get to see the familiar story lines in most movies that Danica has been with particularly Hallmark movies such as a career-driven woman and someone who gets attracted to someone opposite from her character's personality.

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