Christmas Sweethearts


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Masiela Lusha Photo
Masiela Lusha as Bella Vega
Beth Broderick Photo
Beth Broderick as Sheila Seever
Breanne Hill Photo
Breanne Hill as Ashley Seever
Colton Little Photo
Colton Little as Liam Marsh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pamelatasker1 / 10


Would love to review this film but because the music was SO loud could not hear most of it, if any film makers ever read these reviews please please think of people with hearing problems. Apart from that the acting was not that brilliant, Seen this story more then once in loads of films, in fact ended up turning it off because of the Loud music missed most of it,

Reviewed by lucylou37001 / 10

The one star is for Colton Little

Colton Little is a doll, and basically the best thing in the movie. The dialogue is stilted and awkward and the main girl is SO bad!! Someone needs to start making decent Christmas movies.

Reviewed by Jackbv1232 / 10

This really is bad

Start with the premise of the best friend who really should be the boyfriend. Ashley really goes over the top in taking advantage of Liam. I can see why other reviewers are saying they don't want Ashley to get together with anyone.

Usually, in best friend romance movies there is a natural chemistry between the best friends, but it wasn't really there in this movie. Colton Little really didn't seem comfortable with Parhiala even before they started faking their romantic relationship.

The two women do nothing to flatter the fairer sex. Ashley is obviously competent, but she's irrational about Grant from start to finish and her antics are embarrassing. Bella is the stereotype of a social media diva.

None of the main actors seem natural in delivery of their lines. Maybe it's the inane dialogue. There's an emotional scene toward the end where both women actors seem to think that just raising their voices an octave is sufficient to portray emotion, especially Parhiala.

I usually don't agree with complaints about sound track volume. I rarely have a real problem with it despite complaints, but this sound track was distracting.

There was a couples dance scene and none of the main actors could dance decently. It almost looked like when the scene was shot, the actors were hearing different music or no music. They definitely weren't able to dance and deliver lines at the same time.

There's a scene with Bella eating where she was channeling Meg Ryan (Harry Met Sally).

There really is no story other than the competition/jealousy angle. Combine that with no acting and no dialogue and you have a perfect movie.

Strangely, the last quarter or so of the movie goes from horrible to simply mediocre or perhaps even fair.. The acting is less bad. The dialogue at least makes some sense, and the story ending isn't bad even though it is predictable.

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