Christmas in Washington


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Reviewed by gfrasmd3 / 10

A match made in missed-tones.

Broadcast under the title: "A Match Made in Mistletoe", this movie is watchable, though far from shining. Let me begin with stating that I have liked Natalie Lisinska since she appeared in "Fairfield Road", over ten years ago. She, perhaps Damon Runyan and, especially, the girl, Tessa Kozma, are the only ones who get a passing grade, in my book. The story, not very original, could have been cute, but is rendered with plenty of stereotypes and lack of balance. The idea that the ambassador wants to stage a Christmas gala with no decorations, at all, starts the show with absurdity. That he turns around in a jiffy, speaks as an omen of poor mental stability. Arvid, his trusted advisor, constantly behaves like an over-the-top, hysterical grouch. To explain why he immediately attracts the morbid attention of Amanda, one has to accept she is a rabid nymphomaniac, as she acts out, and he is the only character of right age in the production. A convincing drama would have a villain with a little finesse. Big Dan, instead, looks and acts like a truculent, uncouth bouncer. Money or no money, why one would even conceive to associate with such jerk, it is beyond comprehension. Vera pops here and there, with a forced smile and over-emphatic gestures. Wonder if she is she on drugs or simply a bad actress. Even Emily's gala gown, elegant on front, sports a silly tail with lace that makes it look awkward. Different is, sometimes, good. In this instance, it is whimsically idiotic. In summary, if the production had been cared by somebody with a psychological depth above childhood, the film would have been a lot better. Lifetime cannot just get it right.

Reviewed by rghathway8 / 10


Why are the 2 leads listed at the bottom of the cast ? It seems that since Ms Lisinska and Mr Damyon are the best of the cast they shoukd be at the top.

Reviewed by Jackbv1236 / 10


For those who like some tension in their Christmas movies, there is a villain. Unfortunately, he was a little too crude for the circumstances. Big Dan looked a little too much like a stereotypical mob boss and acted like one too.

It was also hard to buy into the Ambassador's rigidity at the beginning and it melted away pretty fast. The assistant, Arvid, was likewise a little too much.

The daughter brought the usual bump in the story. I found her relationship with Emily more appealing than with Magnus.

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