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Reviewed by ThyDavideth3 / 10

A Whole Lot Of Nothing With Grisly Moments

Some serial killer is torturing some people in an apartment for some reason. Christmas Cruelty is earth's core level hot garbage. It starts off promising but then for the next 50 or so minutes it tries in such embarrassingly manner to be hip, clever and stylish like a Tarantino movie but it is nothing more than a montage with non stop lousy music and forgettable crappy characters. It does get better, afterwards, with all the mayhem and crap but after trying in desperation to retain my attention span toward this film, it had little impact. Plus, not having much of a story doesn't help either. It boring enough to sedate a heard of rampaging fat women.

Reviewed by Becks_Hush8 / 10

Santa is coming to visit, HIDE!

Well that was... WOW. O'Hellige Jul! aka Christmas Cruelty is pretty much an apt title for this film especially toward the end. Though I cannot dismiss the beginning which instantly goes for the jugular and is likely one of the most harrowing openings I've seen. Not much is seen except for one key part but just the suggestion and what you do see is enough to have you on edge.

It's partway slasher but also seems in my opinion to be character driven; we're not given just a bunch of random people where we don't connect, no in fact a good portion of the film is us rather cruelly (see!) seeing three friends and a small glimpse into their lives. Which means when things go south of the border you sympathize and care for them and that itself is the real torture.

With what Per-Ingvar Tomren had in term of a budget really isn't evident in my opinion, everything about this seems to show how flawless the direction is.

The golden hue that lingers through the film has a Christmas touch to it and other than a few shaky moments of the camera, it's smooth and therefore the eye isn't take out of the moment.

The humour is bang on and actually there were many moments where I did laugh, not simply because of the jokes between the main three but because it felt natural. Eline, Magne and Per have a beautiful rapport between them despite how they often speak to one another, especially Magne towards Per. Not to forget this but all three actors do a great job, I actually came to care for Per and the plight of what he endures.

The killer is interesting in how normal and unassuming he seems. Tormod Lien who plays serial Santa is the perfect choice I'd argue merely for the intensity of how he plays the role. The sadism he is capable of, it shows in those eyes.. and the confident arrogance of his character, which you see in several scenes, is staggering. He doesn't take any shame in his actions whatsoever so he is a character you love to hate.

With that said Per does something very interesting when it comes to his scenes to set them against the three main characters. And that's to have his scenes specifically with the camera zooming in, out, in, out - focusing on items scattered about. It feels disorienting at first but smartly it shows a fractured mind; a parallel between his sadistic nature and the seemingly normal family man. It's a glimpse into two minds clashing together.

I did love the nods to several other horror films from Jaws to Wolf Creek to The Shining and so forth.. if you're a horror fan and seeing that those who watch this will be, you'll adore the glimpses toward horror that others might not necessarily see.

I apologize for the length however we need, NEED to discuss the gore when it finally does erupt. A cavalcade of blood gushes against the screen, broken limbs, knifes into.. anyway. The practical effects are fantastic and exceptionally well done. And god that soundtrack is EPIC.

So this leads to a question mark of whether I'd recommend it. I'll admit it depends on your taste and if you don't mind a lull between. The beginning establishes a ruthless character, then gives us a bit of time to build up the three characters we will follow, whilst at the same time HE is focusing on them before a climax that doesn't shy away from its intentions.

Mostly though it depends on how you feel toward the main characters, if you can't connect then it might fall flat, if however you can then holy f*ck this is worth the wait!! I loved this, I loved how it uniquely presented the characters and a Santa you DON'T want paying you a visit.

A gem of a film for me and easily one of the most harrowing Christmas ones in helluva long time. I award this 8 snowballs out of 10

Reviewed by perfectx-714153 / 10

The Piece Of Christmas Coal You've Been Warned About

It's amazing how unbelievably boring this movie is! This movie could have easily been 30 mins and it would be damn near perfect! But this movie is the definition of stretched out for runtime and it shows, and trust me you'll feel it as well. Almost nothing happens for about an hour of this movie, and the movie is only an hour and 30 mins. Now let me tell you what's good. The films opening is a great! It lets you know the movies not playing around right from the get go. But after those 3 mins are up you won't see Santa come back to do anything significant till the 50 min mark. But when he does come back he'll be delivering all the goods he promised from the start of the film. And man does he deliver! The only problem is everything in between the deliveries we have these long drawn out music video montages with some of the most annoying, spastic editing you've ever seen on film. And honestly this movie seems to be more of a music video than a movie. And the music is pretty good to be honest, but just doesn't flow with the feel of the film for the most part. Just seems to be there just to be there because they didn't know how to increase the runtime of the film. And if that's not bad enough you get to see Santa do mundane things like go to the bathroom, make coffee, eat a sandwich and even buy a chainsaw which is done in the most drawn out way possible, which must be for runtime purposes as well. Like I said when this movie delivers it delivers, but damn is this one boring, over long movie! It feels like an eternity when you watch it. This movie needs a better editor badly. There's definitely an awesome film here somewhere and they completely dropped the ball! Especially because this film doesn't know wether it wants to be a comedy, music video or messed up horror movie. It should have picked the latter and stuck with it because it was the only thing that actually worked and the only reason people will ever watch this film again!

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