Christmas by Chance


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh95%
IMDb Rating6.010267


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gfrasmd6 / 10

You could take a chance on this movie.

Should one approach this movie with a critical mind, there are lots of inconsistencies and the psychology of the characters would reveal quite flawed. Despite the background of the action, it is not a real Christmas movie. It would, rather, fall in the category of lukewarm romance. Happily, the story is reasonably fresh and the main characters likeable. What's more, it is one of the least offensive Lifetime productions of this season. Chance is a kind young woman who lives in her own world, mostly the past, somewhat defenseless in an evolving society. Yet, this is what makes her endearing. William is, perhaps, too soft as a dynamic, successful businessman. It is hard to comprehend the incredible lengths he goes, to propose to his model-girlfriend, who is clearly too absorbed in her ambitions to even consider a commitment. While this shows him clueless, it also proves he is a decent person whose heart is in the right place. It is almost unnerving to see him persist till the end on a misplaced pursuit, unable to see what is in front of his eyes. I guess the need for drama overcame logic, in the production. All said, the movie has some wit and good moments, the feelings are nice, and the predictable ending is appropriate for a show that wants to be no more than a gentle romantic tale.

Reviewed by cujorocky1 / 10

teeth, Teeth.... TEETH!!!!!!

I can't stand the formula anymore. Over smiling, all teeth all the time. I hate these things any. I turned this and the one before it off after 40 minutes for my sanity. I'm done. Tires of all men with 7 days beard, over smiling, over giggling, empty cups all the time, the female giving up her dream .... You know the rest of the cliches. I'm don't with these conveyor belt movies.

Reviewed by Jackbv1237 / 10


This is a typical Christmas story based on the premise of a woman, Chance, hired by William to make a proposal to Leyla especially romantic. The story is nothing great. There are a few good gags and meanwhile the wrong couple forms a relationship.

I enjoyed good dialogue in this move with many clever and funny lines.

The other draw for me was the character of Chance played by Winny Clarke who is appealing and a bit quirky. Clarke also feels authentic is her serious scenes. She has chemistry with Jacob Blair

There's a scene near the end between Leyla and William which is like so many other movies. The thing is, this one feels honest too, not forced like almost every other one I've ever seen.

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