Christmas Bloody Christmas



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Abraham Benrubi Photo
Abraham Benrubi as Santa
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Riley Dandy as Tori Tooms
Jeff Daniel Phillips Photo
Jeff Daniel Phillips as Sheriff Monroe
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Sam Delich as Robbie Reynolds
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FeastMode7 / 10

One of the best B-movies I've seen

Christmas Bloody Christmas is a fun and awesome B-movie. It won't be for everyone, but for horror fans, gore hounds and movie fiends, it's yummy. If you don't know what a B-movie is, then this may not be for you.

There are two aspects that made it stand out to me amongst other B-movies. It's filled with really long one-take shots that suck you into the scene and give it a sense of professionalism. And the dialogue is really good. It's witty and charming, vulgar and crass like I like.

I recently watched Violent Night, which is similar in many ways but also very different (it's not a B-movie). I thought it was okay and was left wanting in a lot of areas. Christmas Bloody Christmas is much more of what I was hoping Violent Night would be. And even as a B-movie, I think it's way better.

I had a great time with this movie and found myself smiling frequently. I would put this on a shortlist of best B-movies, along with (off the top of my head) Zombeavers and VelociPastor. (1 viewing, opening Thursday 12/8/2022)

Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10

Santa Axe (Machina)

No pun intended - this Christmas ... it gets bloody and the horror seems not to stop. What a jolly time to ... enjoy! The movie is ... well it takes its time to get things going, but once it gets into gear ... there is no stopping (my puns)! If you are of the sensitive kind, you may want to look away - or rather not look at all. Although it does not have any nudity to speak of (bare bums aside).

Still it does get sexual and it has ... well "harsh" language and yes even women talk about ... it! Our main character for example: she does not hold back ... we know where this is going ... or rather coming ... yes another pun (or innuendo if that is what you want to call it).

Predictable story aside, there is nothing that can stop that force ... at least that is what you will be thinking ... over and over again! Which also means, you get quite a few bangs for your buck! I was lucky enough to catch this in a theater, since the monthly event chose this as a special entry in their schedule: Weird Wednesday! Watching it with others was a hoot - there could have been a few more hoots, the movie had some awesome moments that deserved to be celebrated more ... but I was cheering inside ... as some of the others I assume.

The lighting is quite something, although I reckon some may have issues with the ... well colors. Over the top and really embracing it. As they do with the soundtrack ... which I reckon can be seen as going or being all over the place ... many different influences ... I liked it! A Violent Night ... which also is the next movie I am going to watch by the way - so another pun? Call me pun master or Terrifier (2) - which also plays in german cinemas right now ...

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