Urban Legends: Bloody Mary


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Kate Mara Photo
Kate Mara as Samantha Owens
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Rooney Mara as Classroom Girl #1
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Olesya Rulin as Mindy - Samantha's Friend #2
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Nancy Everhard as Pam Owens
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drownsoda905 / 10

Not Necessarily Bad - Not Great Either.

Mary Lambert, who brought us "Pet Sematary" and "Pet Sematary II" brings us this unrelated sequel into the "Urban Legend" series. The movie starts out on prom night, years ago. A prank-gone-wrong takes place in the attic of a high school involving a girl named Mary. The guys responsible for the prank assume her dead, and lock her body in a trunk. Cut to present day. A group of teenage girls are spending the night, having a slumber party, telling urban legends to pass the time, all leading up to the infamous "Bloody Mary" legend. On their third and final bloody Mary chant, the girls end up getting kidnapped by some jocks who are performing a revenge prank mainly on a girl named Samantha. They all return safely, a little shaken and confused after the bizarre event. But our main character, Samantha, begins having visions after the prank, mainly of Bloody Mary - and people start to die off. Is it all a joke, or is Bloody Mary back to take revenge? It's up to Samantha to uncover Mary's origins and stop the vengeful spirit.

When I heard about this sequel, I was thinking "Okay, okay - this might be decent". And for the most part, it was. I saw the DVD at a local retail store and decided to buy it because I was curious. This film has nothing to do with the other two films at all, this one is much more supernatural rather than a slasher mystery. The acting was decent, not perfect but it passed. I enjoyed Lambert's "Pet Sematary" and I (unlike most people) enjoyed the sequel as well. The script for this film is predictable, the audience pretty much knows what actions the characters will take before they actually do it. The camera-work/cinematography was alright for a straight-to-video release, and the special effects were just okay, they unfortunately come off as a little bit corny in some of the sequences (especially the sequence that took place between Mary and the teenage boy at the motel). But hey, I wasn't expecting this movie to be perfect. The spider scene was actually pretty creepy looking, if not a little cheesy too. The deaths were quite creative and original, I'll give it that.

To sum things up, "Urban Legends: Bloody Mary" is a mediocre but semi-fun horror sequel. It's not great, it's really not bad. It's just somewhere right in the middle. I suppose it could've been worse. If you enjoy supernatural revenge movies (along the lines of "Pet Sematary"),or if you like Lambert's previous work, you may want to check this out. It's flawed and predictable, but overall entertaining. There's no need to see the other two films though, because this one has nothing to do with them. 5/10.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho5 / 10

Predictable and Forgettable

Samantha Owens (Mara) is the editor of the high school newspaper and was blacklisted with her two friends, Gina (Haley McCormick) and Mindy (Olesya Rulin),by the football players after an article about them, so they do not go to a high school party. Samantha tells to the other girls an urban legend told by her mother: in 1969, in Salt Lake City, the two girlfriends of Mary Banner (Lilith Fields) are drugged by their dates in a prom, but she understands the situation and runs from her date, who kills her and hide her body in a trunk in the basement of the school. Like the Candyman, Samantha speaks "Bloody Mary" three times, evoking the evil spirit of Mary. Along the night, the three girls are drugged and kidnapped in a prank of the players, but Samantha has visions and premonitions about Mary. When her school mates are killed, Mary visits Grace Taylor (Tina Lifford),one of the girls abused in 1969, and finds that the victims are the descendants of the trio that killed Mary and harmed her friends, and that Mary spirit is seeking for revenge.

I bought this DVD full of good expectations, based on the name of director Mary Lambert, since "Pet Sematary" is one of my favorite horror movies ever. Unfortunately, the predictable and forgettable story of "Urban Legends: Bloody Mary" is very bad and full of clichés. Mary crawling from the bottom of the bed is a rip-off of Samara in "The Ring". It seems that there is only some care with the gore deaths, but the same does not happen with the characters. For example, Samantha's mother Pam (Nancy Everhard),who told the story of Mary to Samantha, vanishes and Samantha and David never ask for additional information about Mary to her. David is stupidly killed and Samantha in the end of the story with Grace does not miss or even mention him. The death of Heather Thompson, attacked by spiders, is the best moment of this disappointing flick. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Lendas Urbanas 3: A Vingança de Mary" ("Urban Legends 3: Mary's Revenge")

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies3 / 10


Mary Lambert has had an interesting directing career. She started in music videos, including "Like A Virgin," "Borderline," "Like A Prayer," "Material Girl" and "La Isla Bonita" for Madonna, "Nasty" and "Control" for Janet Jackson and "The Glamorous Life" for Sheila E. before directing Siesta, two Pet Sematary movies, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, the video game Double Switch and this, the third of the Urban Legends film series.

This urban legend starts in the late 60's, as three high school jocks drug and kidnap their prom dates. When one of them, Mary Banner, tries to get away, she's knocked out and left for dead, locked in a trunk. She's the Bloody Mary of this film, who causes the main characters to disappear for days when they conjure her.

This film gets rid of the slasher nature of this series and delves into the supernatural while using urban legends of spiders inside pimples and killer tanning beds to commit the murders.

Kate Mara stars in this. You can see her younger sister Rooney, who would eventually be in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, in a small role. Don Shanks, who played Michael Myers in the fifth Halloween film, also shows up.

This movie feels like Prom Night 2: Hello Mary Lou without any of the subversive fun and joy of that movie. In fact, if you're thinking of watching this, just put that on instead.

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