Christmas at the Drive-In


Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv1235 / 10

Jobs bad. Nostalgia good. Can you really get past this stupidity

I often say that this kind of movie does not deal well with reality. This premise is one of the more ridiculous in that way that I can remember. So let's try to get over it.

Now the premise is that two old high school flames have to work together on a Christmas (sort of) project. That is one of the more common ones. In other words, the story is just a platform to allow a romance to develop.

There is some decent dialogue including some funny lines. The acting is good. Based on the set-up, the lead protagonists should be about as antagonistic as they could be. While there is some residual friction over business matters and personal history, they get awfully friendly awfully fast and soon the friction turns to nostalgia. Danica McKellar and Neal Bledsoe do have very good chemistry.

There are some little mysteries that unveil later in the movie. Early on, both Sadie and Holden tell their side of their breakup in high school, but it's obvious that something is missing. About half way through we learn more about both backstories since high school.

I said let's try to get over it. Unfortunately, the movie keeps bringing the ridiculous premise up, like rubbing it in the viewer's face. It is central to the story all the way through. And the miracle is even more ridiculous. I really wish the premise hadn't been so stupid. I might have been able to see this as a slightly above average movie despite being entrenched in overused tropes and with no real surprises. But as is, the ridiculous story just takes away too much.

Reviewed by shobbs-860814 / 10

Just insulting

I'm sorry but this isn't believable nor stomachable - I'm writing the review as I (sort of) finish watching it... Major problem: the leads are antagonistic (he's trying to sell his dad's drive-in and she's trying to rescue the property for the town) - and get this - the permitting board tells these two former lovers they have to reinvigorate the drive-in in the middle of the winter (at Christmas) and somehow they're supposed to cooperate and even share expenses and work together. Why should the developer help her make the drive-in a going concern? He's got everything to lose and all he had to do was play dirty and show how she doesn't know what she's doing...

I'm sorry, but I have no reason to see these two together either - no idea why they should renew their high school romance that went so wrong after he mistook someone else kissing another guy as his "true" love... Don't waste your time trying to make sense of this...

Reviewed by vranger6 / 10

Nice movie but for ONE thing ...

We really like Danica McKeller, and we've liked the male lead in a couple of Christmas films too, one of which was also with Danica.

They have great chemistry in the film, both showing personality and charm ... just what you need for a successful romance. Plus, there are plenty of clever lines and a few funny moments.

Normally I'd call this an 8-star Christmas movie. So why did I dock two stars?

The premise is just silly. LOL A "Historic Drive-In"?? And showing that a failing drive-in has more value to the town than a new distribution center that would certainly provide dozens if not hundreds of jobs?


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