Christmas All Over Again


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gubby-Allen4 / 10


The fourth of these Groundhog Day Christmas based films that I have seen and by a little way the worst.

It was different to the others in that days were not exactly the same but the premise was and unlike the others, as each day began with the music playing the sighing and gradual boredom increased.

Right from the first thirty seconds of the first repeated day it took an unusual course and there was just too much in the film that was unnecessary, characters that served little purpose, the camera work and insertions of music were more irritating and there was not really any character that you were that interested in.

We made it to the end though to see what happened and there was nothing majorly awful about the film.

Reviewed by qmarlow3 / 10

Horrible lead actor

I've seen a lot of Christmas movies over the years and this one falls toward the bottom of the list. The actor who plays the lead character is one of the most annoying characters I've ever seen in any film. The rest of the cast is not much better. If you wanna watch a film about spending the day over and over again just skip this and go and watch groundHog day again.

Reviewed by office-77310 / 10

This is a FUN kids movie worth seeing at Christmas time!

The sets are beautifully decorated, there are quite a few funny parts, the Breezy 3000 shoe commercial is hilarious, and how could you not enjoy good Christmas music? In my opinion this is way different than the Bill Murray movie people say that it "copies". I mean it's like saying that Star Trek copies Star Wars. All of the actors and actresses played their parts well. Yes the main character kid is a complete jerk at the beginning of the movie, but he learns his lesson - and that's the WHOLE POINT of the movie! He becomes a better person! Most of the "bad" stuff the kid does is very comical anyways. Obviously this movie is not as funny as "Elf", and there will probably never be another Christmas movie as funny as "Elf", but "Christmas All Over Again" is at least as funny as "Home Alone" and certainly more updated. To use an analogy, it's like if a 43 year old went to see "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", but expects to see a James Bond movie and then comes out of it and says well that sucked. Yeah because you're 43 why are you watching "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and expecting it to be the type of movie that would entertain an adult? I give this a 10/10 stars because it delivers exactly what I expected it to, a fun kids Christmas movie with a good message. My 3 young kids and I all enjoyed the movie, and I'm sure your kids will enjoy this movie too. In fact, anyone of any age who really loves Christmas and Christmas music would enjoy this movie! But if you're an adult and plan to watch it, just keep in mind this movie was obviously made as a "kids movie".

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