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Merritt Patterson as Molly Frost
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Daniel Lissing as Carson Jacob Harrison
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Lily Gao as Isabella
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vranger8 / 10

GAF steps up

As far as the made for TV romances go, we've always regarded Hallmark as top tier and Lifetime as a very distant second. Last year GAF stepped into the picture, and I thought they were better than Lifetime but still not quite up to the quality of Hallmark.

This movie puts GAF a giant step forward. Of course, they spared no expense bringing over Hallmark talent, and it shows.

Here we have an attractive leading couple who both hold up their parts well. We start out with an awkward and amusing "mistaken identity" that morphs to the "rebellious next generation."

Then we get a whole lot of what all these movies need and so many fail at ... LOTS of relationship building between the leads. There's little tension and lots of good feeling, making this a comfortable and enjoyable window into this story's world.

Even a couple of contrived speedbumps don't slow this down. Recommended.

Reviewed by mamachikn6 / 10

Nice movie, nothing special.

I liked the movie and the cast was good. Acting was okay, nice story.

I didn't see the need to put the 2 older people as a couple.

Aunt Jean looked older than her 70 years and Robert is just 60 years old.

There was no point in Molly being surprised by Aunt Jean's comment that she placed Carson in charge of the gala to get him to take a more active role in the foundation.

Carson told Molly she put him in charge! And he said he knew nothing about it. Then Molly gets offended and doesn't answer his calls, which is what always happens in half of these movies. Just an annoying trope that was totally unnecessary.

It was fine for one watching.

At least Carson was wealthy, so him giving up his career for Molly and the foundation was okay. He didn't need the fame or the money.

I always think it's silly to change your whole life after one week of knowing someone.

These two had an almost kiss, but never went on a date. They knew nothing about each other.

There was little chemistry between them.

Just a lot of smiles.

Reviewed by tinatalksavon10 / 10

Yummy movie

Merritt Patterson is one of my favorite actresses. She seems so natural at her job, but at the same time she doesn't overact or seem fake.

Several of the characters had good chemistry, as you will see. I loved the purpose of the foundation, which was good for many children (but I won't say more). It would, however, be nice if every town (in real life) had a foundation of this nature.

This is a cute movie with a fun storyline. I know it was good - I stayed awake for the whole movie.

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