Boyfriends of Christmas Past


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

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Raymond Ablack as Nate Sagar
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Catherine Haena Kim as Lauren Kim
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Jon McLaren as Logan
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Alys Crocker as Lily
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sergiodave6 / 10

Better than expected

It's interesting that a lot of the bad reviews are comparing this movie to Dickens' A Christmas Carol, which it is loosely based on, when truthfully it should be compared to the Matthew McConaughey movie 'Ghosts of girlfriends past', of which it is very alike. Whilst this isn't quite as good, it's more than acceptable.

Reviewed by toddsgraham6 / 10

Some fresh new faces in this one...

This is another Hallmark cinematic take on Charles Dickens's 'A Christmas Carol'. Last year, it was 'A Nashville Christmas Carol'. This year, drawing inspiration from Erika Marks's book, it is 'Boyfriends of Christmas Past'. Overall, it is an entertaining Christmas movie: not one of Hallmark's best nor one of their worse. It is also, I believe, a first for Hallmark: the celebration of the Korean-American culture in their Christmas movie series. The storyline centers on Lauren Kim (played by Catherine H. Kim),a driven marketing executive tasked with pitching a baking company account days before Christmas. Years ago, Lauren's birth mother abandoned her and her father on Christmas Eve, which, as we find out, has left its scars when it comes to Lauren's love life. It is through visits from boyfriends of Christmas past that she begins to realize that she has commitment issues, and that, it is Nate (played by Raymond Ablack),her long-time best friend, who she truly loves. The script is unoriginal, of course, but it does have its funny moments. Though the story was entertaining, there were several shortcomings with the script. For example, the writers could have done a better job of setting up and developing backstories for Lauren's relationships (or lack thereof) with Nate and her mother. This would have allowed the audience to develop more of a connection with Lauren. As it was, I did find it hard to connect with the Lauren character. The acting, overall, I thought was very strong. Like many reviewers, I was impressed with Ablack's performance. Simply put, it was convincing. Kim too had a decent performance. There was, however, something missing in their relationship, namely chemistry. It was not terrible, but I was not completely convinced by Kim's performance here. As another reviewer observed, 'her character never changes'. Good friends yes. In love, hmm, I am not sure. Worth mentioning is the casting in general: it was refreshing to see so many new faces on screen. Hallmark clearly has some talent to work with in the future. Finally, though there were plenty of Christmas decorations and festive scenes, I did not get that warm Christmas vibe that I usually get from Hallmark movies, which was somewhat of a disappointment. If you are a fan of Hallmark movies or the Christmas movie genre more broadly, 'Boyfriends of Christmas Past' is worth checking out. Though unoriginal and flawed, it is a cute, fun, and entertaining movie nonetheless.

Reviewed by castlegirl093 / 10

Needs a Different Title

This movie had WAY too many storylines and put literally the main part of the movie on the back burner.

Every scene mentions that Lauren is in love with Nate, to her face, in some way, so what was the point of the movie? She made it clear she didn't want to tell him her feelings.

The ex-boyfriends maybe get 3 minutes of screen time each, again, so what was the point in the movie? They spent so much more time focused on her job project.

This doesn't even hit the Hallmark warm fuzzies. Just skip it.

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