Bad Cupid


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright62%
IMDb Rating4.410191

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John Rhys-Davies as Archie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adrianaprsouza-638866 / 10

A Nice Valentine's Comedy

Before I watched Bad Cupid (2021) I had already watched some scenes, as I promoted the movie in the last couple of weeks... Well, these scenes were like a good déjà vu, as I laughed once again watching them. Actually, I laughed in many moments. The screenplay is full of nice jokes - I loved the scientific fiction one in the beginning - and well thought out dialogues, like the conversation between Dave and the lady in the bagel shop - I laughed a bunch. In this path, I highlight the interactions between Dave and his cousin, they were great due to the writing and, essentialy, an incredible chemistry between Shane Nepveu and Briana Marin.

I confess that before watching Bad Cupid I was afraid John Rhys-Davies would get all my attention and I wouldn't get into the adventure that much but it didn't happen. I enjoyed once again his performance, his commitment with the character and the text, translated into a very charismatic and true Archie, as real as a fantastic being (a Cupid) can be but also, embraced Dave's story and connected with Shane, the other actors and their respective characters. The casting is great and did a wonderful job. Besides, Briana helped a lot with keeping the comedy throughout the movie, she is fantastic!

I liked the plot, the mix of fantasy and reality and I definitely didn't see the end coming like the crew stated that would happen in their promotional texts.

The pace is enjoyable. The only moment it dragged a little was in the bathroom scene. In a short movie it seemed too long and even more when compared to the other scenes. I really liked the connection between them, the editing. The idea of adding animations to indicate a change in time was brilliant.

About technical features, I loved the choice of sets in a snowy and small Buffalo rather than a sunny and crowded place as usual in rom-coms. I also enjoyed the soundtrack and scores.

To end this review, Bad Cupid fits perfectly Valentine's Day. It's worth watching and entertained me and my mom, who doesn't speak English yet understood the story (before my explanations) and liked it too.

Reviewed by laurajmikol9 / 10

We busted several times

John Rhys-Davies is such a gem in this movie. My husband and I laughed out loud several times. It doesn't take itself too seriously. Highly recommend.

Reviewed by dcarroll7410 / 10

A Cracker of a Movie.

There were only two things I knew about this movie, John Rhys-Davis and, the movie was a comedy. I didn't see any trailers so, didn't know what to expect. What a treat was instore.

At 63, I thought I'd seen it all; the same applies to my 88 year old mother, boy were we wrong. When parts of the movie are missed because of laughing so loud and for so long, you know everyone involved have a winner on their hands.

I didn't know any of the other actors yet, they played their parts as if having 10 or more movies/acting years under their collective belts. It wasn't a big production however, the resultant movie didn't need it. It would have actually taken away from the experience.

This is deadpan comedy so, it won't suit everyone, comedy is subjective to the viewer. Give it a shot, the most you'll lose is a few minutes, and it will only be because the style of comedy doesn't suit personally.

I'll have to get the DVD or download, to fill in the gaps, that's how well I enjoyed it.

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