A Christmas in New York



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Jaime Ray Newman Photo
Jaime Ray Newman as Susan Clark
Tracie Thoms Photo
Tracie Thoms as Katherine Taylor
Lee Meriwether Photo
Lee Meriwether as Irene Burgess
Linda Park Photo
Linda Park as Courtney Chen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by one_pat1232 / 10

Asks if there are spoilers....spoiler alert there is nothing to spoil!

It's not an unpleasant movie, it's just a nothing movie. Nothing happens. Old married couple doing nothing. Young teenagers doing nothing. Business couple hooking up, maybe something will happen. Ex lovers trying to rekindle, maybe something will happen. Musician going nowhere.....and that was it end of story. Big yawn.

Reviewed by nabusse831 / 10

The most epic fail of my holiday season

This film tried to be something deep and thought provoking. It wasn't. The premise of the film was good, but it never really moved from there. The gratuitous LGBT couple was nice but disheartened. The elderly couple lacked substance or finality. The homogenization of the rocker persona and the young and innocent couple, we're over done and sadly that horse has been beat to death. This film would have benefited from some type of a union, but obviously that was not in the great master plan of the writers and cinematographers.

Reviewed by eborella631 / 10

What a waste of time

This movie is so boring, all the characters are unlikeable, the old couple almost give a good performance, but everybody else is so blah and bad acting. Everybody is a cheater, drunk, stupid or selfish. I dislike everything about it. Not worth a penny.

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