A Christmas Crush


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Reviewed by thearaner31 / 10


Just too stupid for words and a waste of over an hour of my life... ..thanks

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird1 / 10

A Christmas cringe

Am not saying that to be horrible, or at least not intentionally so. Despite the premise not being that appetising and trusted friends saying that it was awful, part of me really wanted to give 'A Christmas Crush' the benefit of the doubt. Am someone who loves Christmas and who loves a lot of Christmas films, animations and specials (a lot of them being childhood favourites). So there was no preconceived bias against 'A Christmas Crush'.

Really wanted to be a person that said that 'A Christmas Crush' wasn't that bad, but sadly cannot. Because it really is as bad as what has been said. Even Robin Dunne, who actually has been good in other things and usually is a very likeable presence, cannot save it. Nothing works here and it is not a case of one thing only completely ruining the film, though there are a few things that are particularly terribly done. One of the worst films seen in a while.

The least bad thing about 'A Christmas Crush' is the scenery, but sadly it is not complemented that well due to the drab and disorganised photography. Much has been said about the awful way Cindy Sampson is made up in a way that ages her somewhat, and that is understandable. The music is not appealing on the ears and is used too constantly and with not enough variation of mood. Did not like at all how it was used, with it mostly used to pad the film out.

Have absolutely no better news about the direction, which when there were signs of any read of very bad improvisation. There is just no energy and the director seemed to make no attempt in reigning in the actors when things got over the top, very indicative of a director that didn't know what they were doing or trying to do. The character interaction is both awkward and over the top, the actions of Pete really got on the nerves fast and quite soon after he was introduced, and the pace has no life to it. The first half especially is practically unwatchable.

Furthermore, the acting is awful. Sampson's character is one of the most intolerable female leads for any film seen in recent memory, just nothing interesting or endearing about her and any growth is non-existent. Sampson overacts all of the numerous negative character traits and there is no energy or charm to her performance. Chris Violette is far too manic and too over the top and not in a way that's entertaining, it actually got extremely annoying. Dunne has a very flat and naive character and doesn't look comfortable, as well as seeming completely at sea at what to do with it. He and Sampson have no chemistry whatsoever, it was like they didn't get along or something.

Motivations are not plausible or clear, many of the character behaviours are excessively stupid and make you shout out why with frustrated arm gestures and any character changes are too sudden and rushed. Secondary school students have written better scripts than this, it's been a while since hearing childishness, weirdness and cheesiness in dialogue taken to such wild extremes in the way it is here. My jaw literally dropped to the floor hearing how monstrously awful the dialogue was at the beginning. The story has no charm or heart, has the emotions of a cold fish, is very paper thin and predictable and is very contrived. Some of it veers on mean spirited as well.

Concluding, awful. 1/10.

Reviewed by lwmtem5 / 10

Humor Blended with Excessively Silly

Four doors facing each other in an apartment complex hallway provides the setting for a single woman with a wise, supportive neighbor woman across the hall and a man in the next apartment she is shy about meeting. She soon finds herself, after a few moments, planning a Christmas Party for a stickler of a man that her male neighbor is associated with and they begin a budding relationship.

Unknown to her an old classmate moves into that fourth apartment and begins to pursue her. With a Christmas wish that goes awry, the new neighbor becomes extremely forward and silly injecting himself into her life, possessed by the spell of her wish causing him to interfere with the best intentions to win her over, while she still pursues the handsome neighbor across the hall.

I likes the main characters, but the over the top antics of the obnoxious new neighbor, over the top antics brought this funny movie down to a two before somewhat recovering, to receive an over generous five in the end. This was simply too much silly by a man trying to force himself into a relationship and couldn't take a hint that he was not welcome! Could have done without a third of the movie that led to the last five minutes

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