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Reviewed by Prismark105 / 10

Not zany enough

Zoom in some ways is a graphic novel come to live although segments of the story is in cartoon form.

It is a multi layered story with an absurd look at sex. The opening scene is the story of Emma who works in a factory painting sex dolls and has sex with co-worker and boyfriend at lunch. Emma wants a cosmetic procedure to have bigger breasts. When she has them they turn out to be too big she gets attention for all the wrong reasons.

Too make her boobs normal will cost her money which she does not have, she and her boyfriend get involve in a scheme that involves transporting stolen drugs inside one of the sex dolls.

Emma is also a comic book artist and she has created a story of a bombastic action film director, Edward who is about to hit the big time with a big budget film and he is a babe magnet to boot. This part of the story is animated . However Edward has confidence issues when in anger Emma reduces the size of his manhood. Now his first cut of the movie is too arty, he upsets the female film executive and his dinky is too little to satisfy women. Edward is ordered to go to Brazil to shoot the climax of his movie.

The movie is that of a Brazilian model, Michelle with aspirations of being a novelist. Her boyfriend tells her that people only say good things about her writing as they fancy her. When her publisher is impressed with her writing she goes off to Brazil for inspiration.

Eventually all three strands come together in a circular fashion as the characters realise that they are all influencing each other.

The ending is chaotic and contrived. The film is off beat but also messy and the characters are too one dimensional.

Reviewed by grantss5 / 10

Novel idea, not used effectively

Emma works at a sex doll factory and in her spare time is writing/drawing a comic book. Edward is a famous movie director, working on his latest movie. Michelle is a model and is writing a novel. The three are connected: Edward and his world are found in the pages of Emma's comic book, Michelle's story is Edward's movie and Emma's story is Michelle's book.

Had heaps of potential. Very novel idea - the story-within-a-story- within-the-first-story - very Christopher Nolan-esque.

However, even from the beginning the movie doesn't really live up to its potential. Only the Emma story was engaging. Edward's story is mildly interesting but not exactly compelling viewing. Michelle's story was pretty dull.

Moreover, when the three stories are tied together it is in chaotic, random fashion. The last few scenes feel clumsy and contrived, and the connection between the three stories is ultimately not used effectively. This largely leaves you with three separate, independent stories. So the novelty is wasted.

Overall, not a total waste of time, but quite disappointing considering the movie's potential.

Reviewed by deloudelouvain6 / 10

Weird but not bad.

There is some positive and negative things about Zoom but overall it's worth a watch. The positives are the acting, that was quite good, the cinematography that was to me the best part of this movie, the animation parts were also well done and added something special to the story. The story itself is innovative but it's complexity might scare some viewers off. It's basically a story in a story in a story, all related to each other in a weird way. Weird isn't necessary bad, you just have to have an open mind. If not, then maybe this movie isn't for you. I liked it. Could it have been better? Yes sure but still it was entertaining enough to keep my attention.

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