Almost Human


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Reviewed by kosmasp7 / 10

What? Who? Why?

And many more questions that may start with a ... W. How far has technology come - and could we also ask: almost machine and point to the human race? Are machines (robots) closer to us - or are we getting closer to them? In whatever regard you may think of.

It is not easy to make something that is deeply about humanity and society - but remain calm and make it so that those who watch are not offended.

Hopefully and I reckon that is one of the goals, the movie makes you think about existence, about goals and many more things. Stephen Fry as a voice adds some gravitas ... and humor that is, so no pun intended.

Watch if you are ready to look into the mirror or having some thoughst thrown your way ...

Reviewed by enrico-teotti3 / 10

weak content

Didn't feel like a documentary... I was expecting deeper content about AI and the future. Robot taking is clearly pre recorded... felt like a waste of time.

Maybe I am a robot.

Reviewed by rawbenhood10 / 10

So you see a documentary about yourself and you dislike it.

I understand the critics that his documentary gives more space for pro AI a d pro robotics voices. In my opinion after observing the interviews and reading the comments here, I guess the producers want to show the extremes and stretch it to be exciting - in positive and negative feelings. Clearly some protagonists seem crazy even if they own highest positions in universities and research facilities. I think we need ambitions ,,crazy'' people to go fast and far I to the unknown. We still can stop and regulate it if it's necessary but for the first steps sometimes the enthusiasts are the best choice.

So this documentary is good because it shows extremes of one side of the medal. We are confronted with it and can't deny thinking about it. We even are confronted with our own Yes and No and this is what a critical documentary wants to do: speak directly to you as the narrator does and makes you think about picking a side that feels good for you.

Thank you all the producers and production team and all the participating people for this 50/10 rated doc. I want to see more. I am full of ideas now.

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