You Got Served: Beat the World


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Andrey Ivchenko as Russian Mobster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mch-770261 / 10


Don't waste your time on it. Maybe the first "You got served" had a lame story line as well, but the dancing was hot and fresh. Everything about this second one is trash. Don't waste your time.

Reviewed by clarkj-565-1613368 / 10

Great Dancing

If you like great dancing, then this is a movie for you. Although other dance movies feature local dance competitions, in this movie dancers come from all over the world, not just locally - Berlin Germany, and Rio in Brazil. Some of the moves are incredible, it's hard to believe that the laws of physics are not being broken. The dancers are all amazing, but I think that Stephanie Nguyen really sticks out. Also I like Ray Johnson (Sho Tyme),great sense of humour and of course great sense of taste. It is also very interesting to see how the various crews train, nothing comes without lots of work and of course for the Fusion Crew, it helps that they have their own X-Man coach!

Reviewed by ayman_azhar2 / 10

dancing van damme

have you ever seen a van damme movie ?

you Know when he train hard for some competition ? and then he travel to some Asian country ? and he meets some arch enemy ?

you do ?

then Imagine van damme but instead of the karate it is hip hop

so how do i begin ?

the recluses acting?

or the silly story ?

i mean i cant stop laughing about that seen when one of the character actually tell you the the next haft hour is a Foregone conclusion he literally spoil most of the movie for you ? and that's my friend is how bad this movie is .

the only thing that is good about this movie is the dancing.

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