Wonderful Things


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Liz Fraser Photo
Liz Fraser as Hot Dog Seller
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Jocelyn Lane as Pepita
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Wilfrid Hyde-White as Sir Bertram
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by malcolmgsw5 / 10

Frankie is the Vaughan

Frankie was a great personality who was best on stage and in cabaret.I was lucrying enough to see him in 4 2nd Street.He had a brief film career of seven films.This film was made by Herbert Wilcot and Anna Neable, towards the end of their careers.So this rather shows their rather old fashioned approach.They decided to use a newcomer to play one of the female leads.Not surprisingly this her one and only film.There are some unmemorable songs which are very well sung by Frankie.He has a rather strangulation Spanish accent.The best gag in the film comes in the very last scene.

Reviewed by tsutherland-110 / 10

heartwarming film, superb performances

An overlooked gem of a film, with beautiful music and superb performances.

This film was one of the top grossing films of the year, and its theme song, Wonderful Things, was top of the charts.

The story of a fisherman in Gibralter who falls in love with a beautiful young English girl is told with wonderful grace and humor.

It is almost impossible to find this film, and I have never managed to track down a DVD or VHS recording.

The producers should release it again by 2008 to celebrate the 50th anniversary!

Reviewed by katya-397 / 10

wonderful film, innocent and romantic

An excellent cast, with Wilfred Hyde White. It was Ronnie Barker's first film. It also launched the career of Jean Dawnay, hailed as the new Grace Kelly. Frankie Vaughn stars as a hunky fisherman attracted to a society girl. Shot in black and white, with the innocence and charm of the 1950's. It is a real pity films like these are not shown on TV more regularly. The language is dated, a la Brief Encounter, but this adds to the charm. No violence, no sex, no swearing just some catchy songs, a happy ending, and a beautiful cast. "Hurry little fishes, hurry if you can - You will find a welcome, in my frying pan!" Perhaps the film should be remade casting Paris Hilton in the lead role as Anne. It is impossible to find a copy on DVD or video, but it would be great to see films such as these relaunched as a box set - I'm sure there are plenty of this era and genre.

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