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2012 [KOREAN]

Action / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by KineticSeoul4 / 10

Fans of Lee Min Jung might be able to bear with it

This movie is basically yet again another failed attempt at comedy from Korean cinema. Korean movies can be good at building tension, violence and even emotion. They are even good with action sometimes without constantly blowing stuff up, but when it comes to comedy it's rare to see a good one. I will admit the main reason I decided to see this movie was because of Lee Min Jung but her character is just so darn quirky to the max and not in a good way either. And her acting is just way too exaggerated even for a so called comedy like this one. Fans of Lee Min Jung maybe able to bear with it because of her screen presence. Even if her acting in this seems like something from a play instead of a movie and is way over the top. It might work for some dramas maybe but for a movie like this it just takes away from believability. Even for a movie that doesn't take itself seriously it is a negative. In fact a lot of characters in this movie is like that. Watching Lee Min Jung as a Korean group singer was funny and sorta cute though. Overall there is almost nothing that stands out about this movie or makes it memorable. Character development is almost nonexistent in this as well. Everything is just so cheesy and corny in a negative way and it tries to be cute too much but isn't all that effective most of the time. Some parts just seemed like fillers, which may work for dramas but rarely does in movies. But it does have slightly funny moments and has some sad parts although it isn't all that coherent to the rest of the movie so I give this movie a 4/10.


Reviewed by carelt41710 / 10


This movie is very well-made!. Actors all acted wholeheartedly. Lee MinJung sang the song so well that you can actually feel her emotions. I love this movie. This encourages me a lot. There is only one word for this movie. "Excellent!". Hope that more people can watch it!:) THis is really a good movie! All of you will love it!:) This guideline requires me to add more lines but I don't really know what to say anymore because this is just a great movie. I can watch it over and over again. THis movie is also very funny! I love all the actors especially Lee Min Jung and her singing. Anyways, Hope that all of you can watch this movie. It is a very touching movie and I hope all of you will have a chance to watch it!

Reviewed by pennyelenabooks4 / 10

Good Enough

" Love On-Air " was okay. It was nothing special really, however.

The story follows an ex idol who is trying to become a radio hostess while getting back her love for music. The love story was so so, as it was predictable and boring. The couple had chemistry but they didn't have any opportunity to exploit it. The performances were good as well, especially from the leading lady who nailed the dramatic scenes. The small cases were cute too and very entertaining. Just the main plot was a bit boring.

So, overall, five out of ten.

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