The Dead


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Reviewed by cosmo_tiger7 / 10

If zombies actually existed I think it would be like this movie. I don't like zombie movies but this was great Watch it. I say B+

"I'm just trying to survive." Lt. Brian Murphy (Freeman) is part of the last evacuation plane out of Africa. The country is in a war where the dead come back as zombies. When the plane crashes he is the lone survivor and now he needs to make it to the airport on his own. When he meets a local sergeant they decide to work together to make it to safety. I will start by saying that I have never really liked zombie movies (except for "Shaun of the Dead"). The "Dawn Of The Dead" and "28 Days" movies never were my thing. This movie however was great. Much like the movie "Let Me In", which I thought was what the world would be like if vampires actually existed, this movie is the most "realistic" zombie movie I have ever seen. If zombies did exist I think it would be like this movie and not the glorified gore that other movies show. For someone who doesn't like movies like this I was very impressed. Overall, one of, if not the, best zombie movie I have ever seen. I recommend this. I give it a B+.

Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10

Walk of the living Dead

Or "Zombies - The road movie". And having seen it at a Festival where the director was tipping his hat off to Romero and acknowledging what the grand master has done and the influences he draw from those movies, made this one a clear winner for me. So maybe I have given it an extra point because of that, I wouldn't really know to tell you that for sure (though it is very likely).

The movie itself is very slow moving (like the zombies themselves thankfully) and therefor there is not a fast paced action kind of scare. Or a scare that comes suddenly that you might not have expected. But it builds on the mood and the tension. It's the overall feeling that counts and the movie does a really good job with it. The actors are decent enough (though some parts might have benefited by a more experienced actor) and if you like Romero's zombie movies, you might wanna give this a try too.

Reviewed by Woodyanders9 / 10

Superior zombie horror knockout

Rugged American Air Force engineer Lt. Brian Murphy (well played with properly stoic resolve by Rob Freeman) and soulful African Sergeant Daniel Dembele (a fine and dignified performance by Prince David Oseia) have to cast aside their differences and work together to survive a zombie outbreak in Africa. Writers/directors Jon and Howard J. Ford bring a bleakly serious take-no-prisoners sensibility to the gripping premise, create and sustain a powerfully unsettling sense of danger around every corner throughout, develop a considerable amount of nerve-wracking tension, and derive a lot of strikingly effective mileage out of both the novel setting and road movie format. The fact that the two main characters have families that they are concerned about gives the picture additional depth and poignancy, with Dembele's quest for his son in particular proving to be quite touching. The lurching zombies are so numerous, relentless, and ubiquitous that they are extremely frightening as well. The uncompromisingly grim and gritty tone rates as another major asset, although there's still a faint glimmer of hope evident at the devastating downbeat conclusion. The deliberate pacing and overall low-key style further enhance the pervasive skin-crawling creepy atmosphere. Jon Ford's dazzling cinematography vividly captures the beautiful, yet harsh and desolate African terrain. Kudos are also in order for Imran Ahmad's rattling, but rich and melodic score. Best of all, there's no silly humor or hip current pop culture references to detract from the harrowing severity of the stark horror. Highly recommended.

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