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Georgina Campbell as Khadija Young
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Luke Benward as Luke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by onestewart1 / 10

All the irritating screaming, just had to switch off

This is the sort f film I enjoy, but the irritating screaming was so unrealistic and totally annoying, I had to switch it off to give my ears a rest.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters4 / 10

I got in your head

Khad Young (Georgina Campbell ) is an intelligence officer playing correspondent. She get captured and tortured in Mosul for 90 minutes of the film.

Most of the film was in one room and then they move it to another room. More drama than action. Fairly boring. Over-hyped.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by stevendbeard4 / 10

Slow & Boring

I saw "Wildcat", starring Georgina Campbell-Krypton_tv, Broadchurch_tv; Luke Benward-Dear John, We Were Soldiers; Mido Hamada-American Sniper, 24_tv and Maz Siam-Seal Team_tv, Argo.

This is a slow moving, boring movie about terrorism. Georgina & Luke are the only survivors after their convoy is ambushed somewhere in the Middle East. Luke is a soldier and Georgina is a reporter. Mido is their captor and Maz is the expert in the physical torture department-he loves removing fingernails with pliers but doesn't mind using a battery & some cables, in a pinch. Georgina is nicknamed 'Wildcat' but it's probably not for what you are thinking. She was boring in high school-it was kind of a reverse nickname-and so is this movie. Mido seems to think that Georgina is a C. I. A. Operative and Georgina & Luke take turns being interrogated. That's about it.

It's rated "R" for violence, torture and language and has a running time of 1 hour & 33 minutes.

It's not one that I would buy on DVD or rent. If you really want to waste...I mean, see it, you should wait until it's on cable.

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