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Missy Peregrym as Beau-line Graphics Model
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Halle Berry as Patience Phillips / Catwoman
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Sharon Stone as Laurel Hedare
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda6 / 10

Unquestionably clunky, yet entertainingly cheesy

The reputation of Catwoman really goes before it. And unless you have been living in a cave, you will know that that reputation is not good. Halle Berry famously actually turned up to the Razzies to collect the worst actress award for this (hats off to her for that),although she then used it as a platform to blame her agent for getting her involved in the film – could she not have read the script herself? (Hats that were taken off for her are put back on again). Anyway, it almost doesn't need to be said that this is a pretty obviously clunky and shoddy film in many ways, with cheesy scenes around every corner. It has a bad script, poor direction and not very good acting. It's not helped much if you think back to earlier depictions of Catwoman from Lee Meriwether (Batman: The Movie (1966)) or Michelle Pfeiffer (Batman Returns (1992)),both of whom were effortlessly cool, slinky and sexy, whereas Berry just…isn't so much.

However, this is still a pretty watchable bit of nonsense. I have no idea how much it deviates from the actual comic-book character, as I know nothing about this. But it moves along at a good pace and we have a string of ridiculous scenes to appreciate as we go. It's not really helped by the fact that Catwoman really does not have a proper adversary to fight against but this is, like I say, down to poor writing. Berry is still decent fun to watch and the film is overall entertaining in a really daft way. It should really have been better though, given the potential.

Reviewed by BHorrorWriter2 / 10

I will never understand... movies like this get rushed into theaters.

I honestly believe that when the idea of a Catwoman movie came across someone's desk several years back, it was a good idea. Unfortunately what turned up in theaters in 2004 was this mess! Having never picked up a Catwoman comic book, I cannot judge the film on that background. Knowing only of the old Batman TV show from the 60's, the 90's Cartoon and the brilliant portrayal by Michelle Pfeiffer in Tim Burton's exceptional Batman Returns in 1992. That's all I really have to go on.

However, this 2004 update on the character is flawed. Halle Berry is awkwardly cast as the lead. Her screen presence was boring and lacked any real motivation.

With 3 writers, it is no wonder the story goes in all directions, never sticking to one line for too long. It is disjointed and incomplete. It almost seems the script was written just to have CGI fight sequences and Berry in that silly (though hot) costume! Pitof, as director strings together a film that has no real entertainment value. Though many scenes are shot beautifully, I do not see where he treated the character of Catwoman as the focal point. It just seems like he was making a movie - nothing more nothing less.

All in all the film is bland. Trite. Scripted weakly. Sloppily acted. Well, you get the idea.

Long live the days when Michelle Pfeiffer wore the Catwoman costume. She truly demonstrated the characteristics of a true Feline Femme Fatale. She holds ranks with the women that have portrayed Catwoman - Berry, though I love her, does not! 2 out of 10

Reviewed by tabuno7 / 10

Halle Makes A Perrrfect Catwoman

24 July 2004. I had doubts, but Halle Berry makes a perrrfect catwoman with her moves and feline behavior. Though a terrible basketball player that stunt doubles or special effects can't hide, her transformation into Catwoman is one of the best personality changes besides The Fly. The action is good, Sharon Stone's script is a little weak though it's good to see her back. The ending is suggestive of Spiderman. Halle isn't so much erotic or sexual as sensual as she herself has described. There isn't so much sex as wild, unbridled heated freedom with enhanced senses. I would think perhaps, this movie might be too threatening for men and a bit out of the box for women. Yet, as a movie - the transformation of the independence of cats into a inhibited, passive women into her own is a powerful message and experience that Catwoman manages to capture. Seven out of Ten Stars.

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