Who Loves the Sun


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh89%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled59%
IMDb Rating5.910621

childhood friends

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Adam Scott Photo
Adam Scott as Daniel Bloom
Lukas Haas Photo
Lukas Haas as Will Morrison
Molly Parker Photo
Molly Parker as Maggie Claire
Wendy Crewson Photo
Wendy Crewson as Mary Bloom
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

slow dysfunctional-relationships movie

31 year old Will Morrison (Lukas Haas) unexpectedly shows up at Arthur (R.H. Thomson) and Mary Bloom (Wendy Crewson)'s home. He tells them that he has written a book soon to be published. Will was once Daniel Bloom (Adam Scott)'s best friend. Daniel is a successful writer. Daniel is bitter while Will is evasive. They are both angry with Daniel having had an affair with Will's wife Maggie Claire (Molly Parker). All three were once the best of friends until Will disappeared 5 years ago.

This indie really needs laughs. It's somewhat quirky but nowhere near funny. All three are perfectly fine actors. I like this group of actors. The script has no good jokes. The relationship struggle is prolong. Secrets are revealed. However the movie needs real excitement. The directions are too static. This could have also been big drama but it's not that either. It exists in a lackluster inbetween world.

Reviewed by ruby_fff7 / 10

What a pleasant surprise of a suburban summer story, spiced up as this family tale gets deeper and secrets reveal for the baking

I caught this movie on the Sundance Channel on cable one late afternoon. You might say "Who Loves the Sun" is a perfect leisurely pastime of a story, why ever not. You get to hang out with the trio: Lukas Haas is Will (returning after abruptly leaving everyone years ago),Molly Parker is Maggie (we learn she's very much part of the family Bloom),and Adam Scott is Daniel (is he friend or foe or fiancé),by the scenic Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada, captured in graphic compositions juxtaposed in vivid summer colors against sunshine and shadows. And supporting the trio are two more family members in the revealing mix: Wendy Crewson is Mom Mary Bloom, and R.H. Thomson is Dad Arthur Bloom. Writer-director Matt Bissonnette has delivered an ingenious unfolding of story-line and its various tentacle links - worry not, Haas may have a 'listless' face, but humor will come as Parker and Scott enter the circle of friends reunited, wry smiles will break and knowing delights stir. Dialogs may be terse or even nil, yet we'd get the flavor of what's cooking, bemused or wondering.

Yes, "Who Loves the Sun" can very well be categorized as a sleeper gem. The chemistry between all five principals sure gels and 'combusts', giving an energetic ensemble performance. After all, it's all in the family, and the film sure doesn't take itself too seriously.

Looks like the official site is still available at "wholovesthesun.com" and there are information on the soundtrack by Mac McCaughan (Portastatic with guitar tunes and strings) where score excerpts are being played, and behind the scenes production notes, interview with writer-director-producer Bissonnette on how the movie and concept came about, the casting and more. Have always appreciate Molly Parker since her spare yet mesmerizing performance in 1996 Lynne Stopkewich's 'Kissed', and she's married to Bissonnette, who "wrote the Maggie part for Molly."

Reviewed by natg5206 / 10

You Get What You'd Expect From This One

You look at the cover of this DVD and you think, " I'm in the mood for a relationship-oriented independent film". So you get "Who Loves The Sun" and watch exactly what you thought you were getting. The actors perform according to the abilities you have seen them demonstrate before (although Lukas Haas was a more versatile actor as a child).

The story plays out according to plan, with some hi-jinx, some romance, some rivalry. Call it a generation Y coming of age story. It seems like the characters could just leave and go back to their lives, but they have to stick it out until everything gets resolved. Because that is what the story suggests. The cinematography is adequate. The dialog is up to today's independent movie standards. But wouldn't it be nice if something interesting happened?

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