Missing Woman

2016 [KOREAN]

Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Foutainoflife8 / 10


A overworked, divorced mom puts the wellbeing of her child in the hands of a nurturing nanny. Despite mom's hectic life things are working out just fine until nanny and baby don't come home one evening.

If you're a mother, you'll probably love this. A mother's love for her child has no bounds. This was a well written, acted and filmed movie. There's not much to complain about outside of wanting to kill this woman's mother-in-law.I would've loved to have seen more interaction between the mother and nanny before the disappearance, just to understand their relationship a bit more. This was a nice watch. Totally worth it.

Reviewed by artsycutie9 / 10

An emotional rollercoaster

This was the most emotional rollercoaster of a movie I've ever experienced. I cried, and I felt all the pain that both mothers felt and I don't even have children! The acting is a little over the top but I think that's what reeled me in. There are so many twists and I like that we learn more and more about the nanny as the story goes on, and we feel a whole range of emotions from her, from anger to sadness to happiness to pity, and finally to tranquility. In a way, we as viewers see the antagonist as not only the enemy, but also someone we can relate to. Her pain is relatable, having something so dear to her taken away from her, and the feeling of loss and doing anything for her child. Even the protagonist ends up realizing they're feeling a similar feeling of pain. What made me the most emotional was the ending, I didn't expect it to end this way, but it's so true that mothers would do anything for their child, even put themselves at the brink of death, literally. There was something so sad about the way it ended, but also not. When the antagonist chose to let go, the protagonist tried to save her but the antagonist decided that she needed to let go, as hard as it is. Because deep inside, she probably knew that even if she got away with stealing someone else's child, it wouldn't be the same.

Reviewed by kamalbeeee7 / 10

Good thriller story...!!

An example of good thriller script with twists and turns... A woman's child was kidnapped by her housemaid then she tries to find her child and housemaid.. After that she came to know dark secrets behind housemaid... Must watch movie...!!

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