Where Hope Grows


Action / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright74%
IMDb Rating6.6103387

baseballdown syndrome

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William Zabka Photo
William Zabka as Milton Malcolm
Danica McKellar Photo
Danica McKellar as Susan Malcolm
Brooke Burns Photo
Brooke Burns as Amy Boone
Kristoffer Polaha Photo
Kristoffer Polaha as Calvin Campbell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jacob-olinger-8910910 / 10

Hope For Us All

I watch tons of movies, shows, and documentary's. This is one of the best films I've watched. This film is done in a tasteful fashion. This film is nothing but inspiring! Heart touching! And mind opening! This is a MUST WATCH FILM!!! After watching over 2,200 movies there has only been a few that have spoken with such inspirational volune like this film. Please watch it! We get so caught up in big block busters when it's actually these types of films that speak to us on a personal level and actually produce something that can inspire us.

Reviewed by trimblair8 / 10

This is a good story, well told

Great movie. Enjoyed this one from opening to close. Had to laugh at some of the silly liberal agenda stuff like "Down syndrome is not a form of mental retardation". Hahaha. Liberals. Overall a great movie though. The actors worked well together. Good plot moved along nicely by the director. Good messages on dependency and handicapped -- how we all deal with different demons. How we are all projecting a different person to the world than we are inside. The father/daughter tension is great and realistic. The addiction message is on-point. THere are a few cuss words, but otherwise, a good movie for the whole family We enjoyed it. RENT THIS

Reviewed by Reno-Rangan6 / 10

An inspiring theme, but too much of cinematic than realistic.

I came across after an unexpected glance at its inspiring title, and a good looking poster. But it is just a hit and miss. First, I wanted to clear the view whether it was a religious related subject or simply an inspiring movie. The answer is merely yes to the second one. Because it was a brilliant platform that failed desperately with all the usual clichés.

For the normal people, it might be an uplifting flick. But for the movie fanatics, it is one of those attempts from their watch that terribly fallen short. No doubt, it is a good theme, a little boring as well to see the same old formula with the new cast. In the end it did not work for me. The way it handled to solve the personal and social issues that depicted in the film characters is not persuasive.

The twist at the end was the dumbest one. I can't understand why a movie like this need one. Those are for the smartest scripts and this one should have focused more on the friendship and father-daughter relationship rather trying to imitate the commercial films. Though the actor did well, and the production design was way better than many mainstream films from the recent time. Definitely a go for it, but what do you expect from it will decide how much you're going to like it.


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