Wedding Planner Mystery


Action / Crime / Mystery / Romance

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Erica Durance as Carnegie Kincaid
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Laura Soltis as Dorothy
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Andrew W. Walker as Aaron Gold
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Clayton Chitty as Shawn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

weak Hallmark writing

Wedding planner Carnegie Kincaid (Erica Durance) tries to overcome melodrama in working the wedding of Nicky Parry (Chelan Simmons). It doesn't help that Nicky's socialite cousin Michelle Parry dies in a car crash running out of the wedding party. Nicky's rich dad threatens to sue reporter Aaron Gold (Andrew W. Walker) for writing constantly about his and his business partner Keith Gutherbridge's involvement in a large tax scandal. The police investigates Kincaid for the car crash. She needs the wedding for her business. She falls for mysterious Parry lawyer Holt Walker. She also needs to solve the case to clear her name but more murder attempts keep happening.

This is a Hallmark mystery. The main issue for the movie is motivating Kincaid into solving the case. It's a thin excuse to have the cop come after her. It doesn't make the cop look competent. In fact, it makes him look evil but what's the point? He needs to come at her with more accusations to make any case believable. With weak and confused motivations, the story struggles to pick up steam. I don't understand the financial misdealing. Shouldn't there be paperwork? If someone is stealing from the bank account, wouldn't the bank have a record of the withdrawals? Evil stepmother Clara Parry is way overacting. It's all slight-of-hand scriptwriting. It doesn't matter that the details aren't there or that the writing is simply an excuse to advance the plot. I don't understand why anybody does anything in this movie. Kincaid is obviously destine for Gold but they don't have enough time together and they take forever to get there. This is Hallmark mystery.

Reviewed by utgard145 / 10

"When women marry for money they have to work for every dime."

A bridesmaid dies in a suspicious car accident after leaving a wedding party in a fit. The wedding planner (Erica Durance) is apparently in danger of being blamed for supplying alcohol at the party. Legally, I might add, so I don't see what the crime was but okay that's what gets this off the ground. Anyway, Erica investigates the case to find out if the girl was murdered and gets herself in deeper and deeper trouble.

This is from a series of books I'm unfamiliar with so I can't make any comparisons between the two. One of the things the movie does that I really didn't like was an irritating book-style narration. I assume this was to tie in with the books somehow but I found it annoying. I watched this for Erica Durance and she's great in it. She's lovely as ever and has the most charisma of anybody in this. In the movie's most adorable scene, she investigates wearing cat makeup. Chelan Simmons, of Final Destination 3 fame, is the bride-to-be whose wedding Erica is planning. The rest of the cast is made up of very forgettable and bland Canadians. The worst is Gabrielle Rose who hams it up with glee, no doubt influenced by the ridiculous wig they had her wear. The reporter love interest for Erica is underwhelming. The two have a friendly banter but I didn't see any sparks. It also appears all of the actors were responsible for their own makeup.

About the time Erica's brakes went out in her van I realized this wasn't going to be breaking any new ground. It was very easy to spot who the bad guys are. They're the ones acting shady and suspicious, doing everything but twirling their mustaches and saying "Muah-ha-ha!" One of the bigger selling points for this is also one of its drawbacks. I'm speaking of the comedy. The movie has a lighthearted tone, despite being a murder mystery. The problem with that is that due to the comedy, which shows up at inappropriate times, it's hard to build any suspense or ever feel our heroine or her friends are in real danger. Someone locks her in a room by gunpoint and there's some kind of Laurel & Hardy music playing. It's too silly to be taken seriously. It's not terribly fresh or suspenseful but it's very watchable. Honestly, it felt less like a movie and more like a TV pilot. Perhaps that's because they intended this to be the first in a series of TV movies based on this character. Fans of Erica Durance will enjoy it just for seeing her. If nothing else, she proves here she could knock it out of the park with better material.

Reviewed by lakebotany-328087 / 10

Fun Cozy Mystery

If you enjoy cozy mysteries you'll enjoy this light mystery with an attractive cast. Don't examine the plot too closely......cozy mysteries by design are meant to be fun not realistic. Just sit back with a glass of wine & enjoy the view

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