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Judy Greer as Penny
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Matthew McConaughey as Steve Edison
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Kathy Najimy as Geri
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Jennifer Lopez as Mary Fiore
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird2 / 10

Fails as both a comedy and a romance, and doesn't even have the advantage of having a good cast

It is not as if there is any bias against romantic-comedies, as there are a number of good ones out there. As with all film genres, there are also some bad ones, and sadly 'The Wedding Planner' is one of those, or at least to me.

'The Wedding Planner' does have some beautiful scenery, a stunning wardrobe for Jennifer Lopez (who wears it every bit as much) and is also very nicely shot. While the cast seemed okay on paper providing the material was good, only Judy Greer provides any enjoyment or warmth. Fred Willard is also quite good, and his scene is one few scenes that can be considered scene-stealing, but his appearance is too brief really.

Jennifer Lopez does look stunning in her wardrobe and handles the cutesy moments quite well, however her comic timing is leaden and the emotional moments are a mess of overwrought and under-cooked, a very bland performance while never quite reaching the "horror" depths that her performance in 'Gigli' did. Matthew McConaughey looks lost and like his heart wasn't in it. Their lack of chemistry is a large part of the film's failure, their scenes together are awkward and pained, McConaughey's chemistry with Brigitte Wilson-Sampras (who tries her best with an underwritten and particularly clichéd character, but sometimes tries too hard) fares better having a warmer and more natural vibe.

On top of that, there are also Justin Chambers and Alex Rocco, whose performances are badly marred especially by two of the worst accents in the history of film. Although Chambers' Massimo is little more than an annoying Italian stereotype and is as convincing an Italian as Keanu Reeves for example is as an Englishman (in 'Dracula'),this is particularly true with Rocco, it is ironic that the most seasoned of all the actors sounds like he had just come from a particularly boozy night on the town.

For romantic comedies to work, the comedy should sparkle and the romantic elements should touch. To me, 'The Wedding Planner' failed at both. The comedy is chock full of clunky and witless dialogue, in a film crying out for somewhat of a screwball approach, and the situations are wildly improbable and would be more at place in a short-lived and amateurish sit-com. Very few romantic comedies have screenplays this irredeemably and intelligence insultingly dumb either.

Lack of chemistry between Lopez and McConaughey is not the only thing hindering the romantic elements. 'The Wedding Planner' could have been sweet, but lays it on so heavy with the sugar that it becomes nauseating. The story is predictable, even for romantic comedy, with an ending that is so obvious five minutes in, and heavy in contrivance and sappiness and very low on wit, proper emotional impact and sass. This may have been slightly acceptable if so many scenes weren't so insultingly ridiculous and impossible to take at face value.

Direction is bland, the characters are genre archetypes that are a mix of obnoxious and dull and no other extreme and the soundtrack is over-bearingly ham-fisted and heavy-handed.

Overall, fails as a comedy and as a romance and even a good cast can't save it. Not recommended. 2/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle3 / 10

Good starts but then Massimo

Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez) is an ace wedding planner but horrible at love. Penny (Judy Greer) is her funny assistant-best friend combo. Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey) is the knight in shining armor literally saving her life time after time. Fran Donolly (Bridgette Wilson-Sampras) is his fiancée. All the parts are set up for an enjoyable functional rom-com. They only need to find a better match for Fran and the movie basically writes itself.

Only problem we're introduced to Massimo (Justin Chambers). I'm willing to let go of the horrible acting from the miscast Chambers. It's an annoying Italian stereotype that the super white bread Chambers can't pull off. But why she wouldn't tell the truth right away is beyond me. What's the plan? More importantly why the plan? If she's trying to make Edison jealous, Massimo would be the last man to do it. It makes no sense. It's such a simple movie, and they screw it up so badly.

Reviewed by jboothmillard4 / 10

The Wedding Planner

I knew the lead actress, and I knew it was spoofed in Date Movie (with the big ass joke being a highlight),so I thought I'd give it a go, from director Adam Shankman (Cheaper by the Dozen 2). Basically Mary Fiore (Razzie nominated Jennifer Lopez) is a hard working and well organised wedding planner, who can make any wedding a spectacular event, oh, and she enjoys Scrabble. One day, she is rescued from a near accident by doctor Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey),and it is obvious after dancing and a near kiss that she has fallen for him. But there's a problem, he's engaged to one of Mary's biggest clients, Fran Donolly (I Know What You Did Last Summer's Bridgette Wilson),and even worse, Steve's hired her to plan the wedding. Not only is Mary finding this hard to do, but Steve might be having doubts that he wants to marry Fran at all, oh, and Mary might have accepted a proposal from childhood friend Massimo (Justin Chambers). So it comes to the wedding day, and thankfully, Steve tells Fran his doubts, and she feels the same too, and Mary pulls out of her wedding, and it ends happily ever after with them dancing. Also starring Judy Greer as Penny, Alex Rocco as Salvatore, Joanna Gleason as Mrs. Donolly, Charles Kimbrough as Mr. Donolly, Fred Willard as Basil St. Mosely , Kevin Pollak as Dr. John Dojny and Kathy Najimy as Geri. I can see what the critics mean about this being like a Julia Roberts film, it is close to the premise of My Best Friend's Wedding, just giving us the ending we could have had, and making it okay. Lopez is an alright female lead, plenty of chances to view her curves, and McConaughey has his small moments as the male lead, and even though there isn't a lot to laugh at, it is worth a go, at least once. Okay!

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