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Reviewed by nogodnomasters5 / 10


Hendrix (Mandela Van Peebles) is a high school student. He works at parties as a DJ to earn money to buy a car. He has done the guy thing and entered into a "first one to loose their virginity" contest with 4 friends. Meanwhile he wants to date Cheyenne (Simone Battle) the Phoebe Cates of this teen movie. Cheyenne's dad (Michael Jai White) is a policeman and won't allow his daughter to date anyone below a 3.5 grade average. Hendrix makes an arrangement to have Cheyenne tutor him so he can get his grade point average up and take her to the prom.

The film also has some party rappers, an up skirt cell phone cam, a school project that interfaces with poor people, and a token 20 year old near thug (Y.G. who pays C.C.) in class. Snoop Dog listed in the credits has a minor role.

Peebles has no problem quoting Malcolm X (just called Malcolm in the film to fool us white folk) and gives a grand lecture on consumerism, aimed at both Hendrix and the audience. The acting and story line were just fine, it just seems to be underdeveloped. Maybe I have just outgrown these films.

PARENTAL GUIDE: F-Bomb, off screen sex, no nudity.

Reviewed by Horse_Caulk1 / 10

LuV the title! Dey keepin it realz, yo!

Title reminds me of the masterpiece: "How she move"! What an excellent film, excellent title, pretty much excellent in every way a movie is judged! ...unless you are one of those idiot haters! You know, the type that hates conformity, stupidity, lack of talent/skill, and despises films which were meant to appeal to the lowest-common-denom nom nom nom! What broken records those pretentious fools are, amirite? I like my movies like I enjoy my bowel movements! Easy! Smooth! And without having to think. Duh! Racial stereotypes are cool! Street lingo is dope, y'all. And hip-hop is a brilliant and fresh new flava (see how I did that?) of music which appeals to the new generation! Cause it SPEAKS TO US! Loudly! DOWN WITH THE OLD, AND IN WITH THE NEW! We are the hip and street-wise youths of tomorrow, and we will speak how we like! Dance how we like! And dress how we like! You cant stop us, don't even try. We will express our individuality by speaking/dancing/dressing like every other person within our demographic and in accordance to the images we are fed by the media and advertising agencies (most of which are run by white people who make a great deal of money and who couldn't possibly understand us).... cause thinking outside the box is for un-trendy nerds who look stoopid (see? again?!) on the dance floor! 4 realz, yo! HIP-HOP 4EVA!!!!!!

Reviewed by zif ofoz1 / 10

a 30 minute story

who was this movie made for??? anyone beyond the tween and teen group will drop out of their chair trying to watch this movie. i think i hit the floor three or four times (just kidding).

there are endless scenes of monotonous 'teen' interaction and needless stagnant obsessive viewing of 'young flesh' in various stages of dress. if you are willing to punish yourself watching these sophomoric scenes of behavior you will get to the message this film so wants to tell.

unfortunately this takes almost two hours! it might have been more powerful if the director & editor has whittled the footage down to at least one hour. but as it is i found myself getting very agitated watching these teens act out a life that obviously had no meaning to them outside of the script.

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