The Candidate

2018 [SPANISH]

Adventure / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Bárbara Lennie Photo
Bárbara Lennie as Amaia Marín
Mónica López Photo
Mónica López as Inés
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Luis Zahera as Cabrera
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by julianrosser-440-7878396 / 10

A real maze but the acting saves it

I could barely understand the convoluted plot and there are some absolutely senseless and pointless parts of it towards the end. Really confusing storyline as though they couldn't think what to put in next to shock.

Having said that, the acting and locations is of a good order so it's not a total waste. If you can fathom the point of the scene in the petrol station I'd be glad to know !!

Reviewed by ma-cortes7 / 10

Antonio de la Torre's awesome recital giving a portentous acting and supported by an excellent support cast

2007 , Manuel Lopez is a Spanish politician whose wealthy life is based on corrupt issues, then he threatens to communicate it to the media , after a newspaper exposes him to the public eye . Manuel begins a race against clock attempting to blame his previous Party colleagues. Manuel will stop at nothing to get his purports , even assaulting , robbing , driving in hlgh speed that causes him a car accident. Finally, the corrupt Manuel has an exciting battle of wits with a TV presenter, Barbara Lennie.

Nice film though excessively moving by means of a camera over shoulder. It relies heavily on a long use of steadycam , overtalking, and abusive utilization of interior scenarios. The main plot deals with a corrupt politician and his dark business, that's why he is detained , paroled by a strong sum of money , he then seeks , finds and threatens to uncover evidences about existence of an unofficial accounting system inside the conservative Party and its extreme corruption . Antonio De la Torre gives a very good acting as the nefarious , corrupt , crooked politician getting money by any illegal way . Antonio De La Torre is a pretty good actor who always provides fine interpretation, but he uses to play similar characters and his performances bear remarkable resemblance. Support cast is frankly well, plenty of familiar faces of Spanish cinema as Jose María Pou, Nacho Fresneda , Mónica Lopez , Ana Wagener, Óscar de Fuente , and special mention for Barbara Lennie who at the end has a thrilling talking duel with Antonio De La Torre.

The motion picture was well directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen .Rodrigo has directed successful TV series as Pecera de Eva , Fragiles , Vida Loca , Impares . And he has made notorious , important pictures as 8 Citas , May God Save us , and this El Reino with his fetish actor Antonio De La Torre .Furthermore , a short , Oscar nominated titled Madre , that subsequently Rodrigo became into a long running film : Madre 2019. All of them have won various Prizes and Goya Awards . Rating 6.5/10 .The flick will appeal to Antonio De la Torre enthusiasts. Better than average. Well Worth watching.

Reviewed by abisio10 / 10


In Spanish state, a group of government functionaries enjoy a high life style thanks to the corruption of the system. Suddenly an important one gets caught. The party decides to sacrifice a less important member; but the guy decides to fight back. Nothing easy because he is not only outnumbered but most of his allegiances are betraying him. The main difference of this European movie is that the hero (well, the corrupt hero) is nothing like Rambo so he must uses his eloquence to manipulate things on a system were nobody can be trusted. Physical violence is very little in the film; but dialog and situations are really intense. There are some claustrophobic moments where you feel the main character angst and desperation. Acting is superb Antonio de la Torre is able to even make likable a really repulsive person; the rest of the cast follow through with characters that far worse than the main one. If you see the previous Sorogoyen movie "May God Save Us / Que dios nos perdone" is easy to understand his stories are not easy and his endings are not Hollywood. The Realm/El Reino is basically the same; however the last dialog between the protagonist and the reporter; reminds us that everybody is corrupted one way or another and there are no real heroes here.

In brief; see it without any doubt

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